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Paint is ok, but you can see some of the mold lines & the paint is a little heavy around the wheel openings. The door gaps are a little uneven on the passenger side. The hood, doors & trunk open(not much detail in the trunk though). Has the typical working suspension. Brake calipers have "Viper" script on them & discs are actually drilled.

The painted details include ; radio, AC controls, shifter, door handles & even where you would buckle your seatbelt in is red. The interior is alot better then some of the older Maistos.

Real nice detail in the engine bay(its no AUTOart though). The air cleaners, intake, valve covers & windshield washer resivour(sp?) are all painted. Under the hood even has a Viper emlem engraved in it, as well as "V10" on the air inlet. There are also tampos on numerous caps & misc items. The one thing you notice is that the radiator is silver, which is very noticable looking at the front of the car(I'll be painting this black). The engine is a seperate piece, unlike some other manufacturers out there that usually mold it as part of the engine bay (UT vettes for example). The one part of this car is that the engine is the actual production version, not the prototype version found in the AUTOart, Ertl or Hot Wheels versions.

Overall, pretty good for $15.

Damn good review, thanks for sharing. Looks like they got it right.

I have the SRT-10 in red by ERTL and its a disappointment. The ERTL version has the old viper engine in it instead of the new engine like this one has. And the trunk doesn't open either.

I think I will be looking for a Maisto version...real soon.

very good review. i also have an ertl viper. sothe AUTOart models are not correct? that is weird that they would rush a model out before they production cars made. oh well, just more cars for me to buy.
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