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I've used the micro mark stuff quite a few times and it works great. I used the general purpose cating resin with it.

The great thing is that you can even cast low metal alloys in the RTV molds.

They now also offer a translucent RTV silicone mold rubber! :danbanna

I have never tried the RTV silicone putty though.


Can I suggest ibj40 that you make the spoiler up and then file/ fill with more putty (something like the tamiya model putty works well) or a nail file as the final product should come out ok once sanded and primed

Another suggestion is to use celotape and tape up the bumper (and the surrounding areas to protect the models paint) and then make your mould that way. The material that you use to make it shouldnt stick to the tape and you will not have any wrinkle marks in it so you will have the perfect mould to reproduce the part many times over

Please let me know how you go as this has worked for me plently of times before

:cheers :feedback
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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