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Here is my latest completed project, the ALMS Maserati MC12 #35. Just a brief intro, this model is based on a Hotwheels Maserati MC12. I don't know much about this car as I am don't follow ALMS(more of a F1 nut), but I just fell in love with this car ever since the first time I saw the pictures of it. Anyway, here is a general idea of what I've modded:

- Body Repaint
- Customized Decals
- Engine
- Engine bonnet
- Rear GT Wing
- Mirrors
- Custom Front and Rear grille
- Exhausts
- Rear Diffuser
- Front and Rear Fender Flares
- Interior
- Added Windows
- Resizing front grille opening
- Front spoiler
- Wheels and Brakes

And here are some pics..

More pics of this model and others can be seen on my website. Just click on my banner :cheers

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Can someone order from you? :lol

Beautiful really amazing work :nicejob

I prefer that F40 you had done, but this is superbly cool. Really well done :nicejob

A question, how do you feel when you finish such a custom?

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You pulled it of quite nicely ApeGen! Congratulations on a job well done! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

If this is an entry, you got my vote on this one (instead) :giggle


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As always, you do masterful mod work AG! I find the race version of this car much nicer looking that the road version. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob Your fender flares look really good. Did they take you a long time to make & shape?

As for Winston's comment about the width of the wing, I suppose it could be ever so slightly wider. But something tells me that finding a better donor spoiler may be tough.

(photo courtesy of motorosport.com)
rear view of MC12

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Very nice job :nicejob

I personally dont like the roadcar , (too ugly for me) but the race car looks a bit better . Amazing talent you have AG , I think this one is as good as the F40, if not better.

It should do well in DX custom of the year :cheers

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:nicejob You did it again! Im completely blown away!!

I love the paint and the crescent on the top. You also did a great job on the interior especially!

:cheers :310

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Yupyup I got the wheels from an R8, even though they are not exactly the same as the ones on the 1:1, but thats the closest I could get...

As for the wing, I think bigger would look better too, but since the real one uses a small wing like that too.. i guess i have no choice :( And like Felix said, maybe i couldve made it a tiny bit bigger :tempted
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