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Mazda 787B

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After following the e-mail traffic on the new Auto Art Mazda 787 Renoun # 55, and then seeing detail pictures of it from the German show, I just had to pre-order it.

The vendor I ordered it from is listing it for only $ 58.00 (US), and his shipping is under $8.00 (US) within the United States.

Like many of you, I cannot wait to get it and the price was right!!!

Has anyone heard a reliable release date on this one???
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Something tells me that that price is not going to hold :cry

They stated in their email that they will hold the pre-order price ONLY if they do not get a price increase from AUTOart.
I hope it works out for all of us but I am sure if the Mazda comes in at $150 that MTR is not going to sell it at $58
Congrats on the pre-order, welcome to the club!! :cheers

With that price I am guessing you got it from please support DX Advertisers!.

I agree with you, after seeing the pics of the car I pre-ordered it myself. Here is hoping the price stays there and we get one fine looking model. :cool
That's weird, in my preorder there is no mention that the price will vary, it is merely the price and some mention that shipping will be extra.

I guess we shall see, heres hoping for that March 2005 release. :cheers
I haven't seen pictures of the car (in diecast form) yet, but definitely a piece I'd be interested in adding. Nice colorful car!
If I were a gambling man I would bet all my chips on that.
:iagree :iagree :iagree Even though I too have a preorder in with them. I think it will be closer to the MSRP, in all honesty.

That's ok... it's gonna be a terrific model worth every penny.
I am also starting to have doubts about the pre-order price of the 787B. If it goes up by more than $20 I will probably have to cancel my pre-order since it will be too much for me right now :cry
If I do have to change/cancel my pre-order I will probably get either the PMA BMW M3 GTR, 1991 Audi V8 DTM, or pre-order the AUTOart Ford GT.
I think I will buy it when it comes out. If it costs $150 I will still get it, nothing will stop me from getting it. I've always wanted a 1:18 787B.
I'm with Jorge. Once you go the Sauber way, there's no going back... :giggle
Here is a pic, of what looks like the final product.

Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view.

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Has anyone noticed the massive rear wheel gap? Is that right? :confused
At the risk of duplicating someone else's message, here is the URL for the pictures taken at the Nuremburg Toy Show of the Mazda 787. It shows more of the detail (nose and tail covers off ) :

(it is in the middle of the Auto Art group of pictures)

I noticed that as well- it doesnt look right at all :confused
Maybe because it will feature AutoArts first working suspension.
Do we even know when this model is going to hit the shelves? I could have sworn I heard or read that it was in March, as in less than a week away March.
Hey guys, was doing some searching and found something that might or might not be interesting for you guys.

I was on MTR and I did a quick search on the Mazda 787. It seems as though the pre-order price has gone up to around $75.00. Any news on this front or has anyone contacted them to see if the $58.00 pre-orders will remain the same?

Thanks. :cheers
I'm still betting on that.
I won't be suprized to see it go to at least $80 for pre-orders. $100 is probably more likely. But who knows. We will just have to wait till the model is released.

I found out they finnaly increased the pre-order price. Now it is $76. I still plan on getting it, even with the increased price :cool
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+1 here. I wouldn't have any problem paying MSRP for this puppy (though it would be nice to get it at discount).

As for the gap - I think the rear cowling didn't sit flush when they took the pic. You can see the gap/misalignment on the number also.
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