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MB Mclaren_SLR...

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This car has been sitting on my work bench for the longest awaiting completion :giggle

I contemplated the longest about what to do with it as far as painting the interior. I hated the seats and I knew I had to do some painting.

I replaced the seats in it with some seats from a Bburaga Prima.

I painted the interior in an untraditional Metallic Coppertone Pearl and trimmed it in black. I also painted the seat inserts in the MCP. But left the outer trim in silver. The black trimming took forever, approximately four hours. I knew If I messed up the MCP with the black, i would have to start all over again. :badidea

I also painted the wheels in Black Pearl with a polished lip.

The Metallic Coppertone Pearl is a beautiful color :jawdrop

The side windows and the painted interior sure do make a difference on this model. Next may be the tinting of windows all around :tempted


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The seats from the Bburago Prima :nicejob
Front shot.

I must say, I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out based on the color combo, but the end result is quite sweet :cheers
Rear shot :cheers
Rear top :cheers
Those black rims suit it to a "T"! The seats look cool too. Nice results Darrick. :cool1
very nice indeed! :danbanna :danbanna :danbanna
Thanks gents,

I almost forgot, I painted the trunk in MCP as well, I forgot to take a picture of that :giggle
The more i look at ur slr, the more i like! Its amazing what u have done! Love those wheels. :cheers
That car is SuperSWEET! I like the black on black.
That looks great! :nicejob I have yet to find one, but it is high on my list! :cheers
Great job! :nicejob It really looks like the batmobile now. Interior really looks exotic. :cheers
Great job Darrick! :nicejob I specially liked how the interior came out.
Thanks gents :cheers
awesome work!!! tinted windows wld make it look BADASS! go for it!
WOW Im blown away!! You made this one into a stunner!!! Great job DX! The int looks so perfect and the rims as well. Once again I havent been impressed this much with a mod in a long time. :cheers :nicejob
The interior is fantastic! :nicejob
I hate the way mine looks, it really needs some help!
Wheels are cool too! :danbanna
My hat goes off to you, DX! :nicejob That's a VAST improvement! :cheers
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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