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These two HEAVY METAL baby's arrived today, 1 from Holland & the other from Germany, both Ebay wins.
I do like the green a lot, as you can see in the photos how it looks black in some photos.

The gold is a great colour to photograph.

Also I noticed a little thing that different between the two, can anyone guess from the 1st two photos.

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Yeah its the wiper pointing another way! :lol
Congrats, they both look VERY nice! :cheers
Congrats on both! The phoenix yellow one is tempting, but I guess I was able to control myself on that one :giggle
Those are some nice cars :tongue

Congrats Mike :cheers
I sure wish I could afford the blue one :cry
I guess I missed that in another thread :giggle that was it.

Also the rear spoiler is painted green on the green one.

Congrats Mike :cheers

I want to buy the blue one :tongue
Congratulations Mike! The green one keeps growing on me more and more! :tongue
Not sure if I'll be getting that one or the silver w/carbon fiber roof. :giggle

Beautiful pics! I have the Phoenix Yellow and love it. I too want the Estoril Blue...
Very nice Mike.

I love my silver GTR. These are one of the best cars in 1/18 diecast I think.That may be a bit biased, being a huge GTR fan. :lol

I was actually thinking of adding the CF to my roof. If I don't like it, I can always remove it. :cheers
:cheers all, yes I would also love the blue one, but more the black.

Mike that is a great Idea, its better then getting another silver just for the CF.

I also have the red one which is great.

Now I wonder if Minichamps will release anymore colours.

:tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue I can just say WOW !!!
Those are beautiful! I must say that if I ever stray into other marques, these models would be one of the first things I'd pick up. Great additions...congrats!
Congrats on the new additions. :cheers

That green looks absolutely stunning, it looks like it is Navy Blue.

I purchased the Pheonix Gold for a friend and when I looked it over, Ialmost kept it as these are some really nice pieces :cheers
:tongue :tongue :tongue

Congrats on your new heavy metal Mike!! Those cars are surprisingly heavy aren't they? :giggle Your photo of the gold one against the black looks stunning. I'm enjoying your diecast photos more and more. :happy :happy
Thanks all.

Darrick: yes they are, I dont have many bmw's in my collection, but feels it the pure aggressive looks they give off, that I must have them.

Felix: I am so glad my photos are getting better, I know I still need some work, I'm always after tips from the pro's :giggle the enjoyment I get out of taking photos just keeps on growing n growing.

Have a great day all :cheers
:cheers :cheers :cheers Congrats on the new additions

amazing models and great pics :happy :nicejob :danbana
Congratulations, Mike! They look great! :cheers I never knew they made a green one, though. :confused
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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