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Mclaren F1 problems

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Well I've just received my UT Mclaren F1 Roadcar. Although it was advertised as "NEW" condition it has one Major problem.

I can't say I was suprised though, it turned up in a Postpak ( A tough paper parcel with bubble wrap on the inside) and not in a post parcel box. :ranting Open it up and what to I see? One door Torn Off!! :ranting :ranting

Now I just sent off an email to the guy, (ebay purchase) will see what he will offer. I want to keep it. It's nice even though the detail isn't on par with Autoart.

My question after all that is, has anyone repaired a McLaren door? If so how'd you do it? It looks like I might be able to fix it with superglue as the stumps are still in their sockets, they broke off where they connect to the door.
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I'm very sorry to hear this, a week ago I bought the papaya orange streetcar.
The seller told it was in new condition, it arrived with a messy glued window, broken off spoiler, a missing mirror and full of scratches :crying :crying :crying

I'm looking for a left mirror and a right window now :crying

I can't help you with the door, hope you can get this fixed! It's such a pain that there's sellers like that around! :ranting

Good luck! :cheers
Sorry to hear your model is broken, hope you will be able to fix it!!
Can you please send me in private the ebay seller name, or write his name, we all Should aware of him! :confused
Another damaged Mclaren. :crying I'm sorry to see this and hope you can repair it. Ashame these sellers can't find two rubberbands to secure the doors. At this rate we won't have many 100% healthy F1 left. I want to start a "Save the Mclarens" campaign.
Both I and the seller are in Australia though so I don't know if you'd be buying from him anyway. Just received the model today, so I havent gotten an email back from him yet. pm sent though

I tried super glue, that didnt help. I have taken the two door clips out so I'm thinking now of making a little plastic strip to support the clips and then perhaps superglue it, sought of like a splint. Annoying thing is apart from the door the models fine.

Don't worry I'm not going to make this car into parts car just yet :) I'll post some pics when I've actually fixed it.
Sorry to hear abt that Odin. But the F1 doors are indeed flimsy. I have seen a distressed F1 Ueno Clinic lying at my model shop with the same problem. The doors just dont seem to bear the strain of overseas transport. I hope you can fix that door.
The infamous UT McLaren "pin-hinge" syndrome. No cure known.

Has happened to me in the past, as well. What I do, when I ship one, is fill the display box with packing peanuts, to give as little space as possible for parts movement, so that if a strap or band breaks, there is still no place for the door to go.

What a shameful waste of such a great model.

agree...... if only it was packed properly...
unless.... it was already broken to begin with.....hmm
That is indeed a shame, I don't know of any fix for those hinges. Perhaps you could glue the door shut? It would be "sealed" on one side, but it would look fine when displayed :cheers
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