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Mclaren F1

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I have a chance to get a 1997 Mclaren FI car # 40.
it is going to cost quite a bit for a 1/18th
Is it hard to come buy?It would look good with my other Gulf cars :tempted
I've ordered so much this week i just want to know if i should go for broke :scared
thanks in anticipation.
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Sorry to break it to you, but they're quite rare these days.

Two things you want to check on the car are:

- condition of the paint on the wheels
- state of the decals (make sure they're not dried, cracked, broken)

Best of luck with this!
Yikes!! That IS pricey! As much of a McLaren F1 GTR fan that I am, US$170 is a lot of money for that UT model, let alone any 1:18 model. The primary reason I say that is because those UT models are not high in detail. The quality is acceptable. BUT, if you want a race liveried F1 GTR in 1:18, UT is the only game in town. As UT no longer exists as a company, those cars are in limited "circulation" and hence the high price they command. Speaking personally, I'd sooner bank that US$170 towards a really detailed car like an Exoto Sauber C9 which will satisfy any collector's desire for detail and fine workmanship (barring any horrid Quality Control problems we've been hearing lately).
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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