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Mclaren Ford M23 Texaco #12 Jochen mass F1 1976 (minichamps)

I put Marlboro decals,as the car comes without them

is well outside the perfect painting and pad printing decals as well, the car you can open the engine compartment and part of the cockpit, wheels and tires are well detailed, the car has disc brakes 4-wheel drive but are fixed not turn the wheels moving

the interior is well detailed, although the pilot have not seen much, the figure is well reproduced, the dashboard is well detailed with all your bookmarks rpm speed, seat belts etc are painted on and relive the pilot

the engine is well detailed, you can see the engine with all its components and their respective cables hoses etc, also you can see the exhaust manifolds, inlet trumpets are well detailed and are plastic

now the photos


2º round

3º round

last round


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Great detail Alej - and that engine looks really impressive, thanks for the pics!

Is it Minichamps?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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