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Mclaren M23 #11 J.hunt GP South Africa F1 1976 (Minichamps)

outwardly this is fine, the perfect paint and the decals also, the car is removed the nozzle of the engine, and also part of the body of the cockpit, the car is improved by a friend carries marlboro decals, also has inflation valves in the rims and tires have the side of which are each (another detail of my friend) the suspension is not functional, the rims and tires are very well detailed, the wheels can not be removed, the brakes are well reproduced although the disk does not rotate is fixed

the interior is very detailed, he take off the driver figure and instead made a new seat with cloth harnesses with metal photo etched, the steering wheel is well reproduced the dashboard is well detailed and you can see the rpm speed markers etc, the only thing that remains of pilot is the helmet

the engine is well detailed, the power to remove the nozzle, you can see the engine better, with all its components, with their respective wiring, the admission trumpets are chrome plated plastic, the brakes, as happens in the front, the discs are fixed, the suspensions are well reproduced, in the rear you can see three radiators, one of them on top of the gearbox, those rubber hoses can be under the engine

now the photos

1º round

2° round

3° round

4° round

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