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greetings all...
one of my favorite products to use for polishing my models is the meguiars final inspection spray...really gets the shine and true color of the paint to come out...however i noticed the meguirs kits are a bit pricey and i DO.. love them i have owned a few in past but...i thought to myself.... if i do a search for the same products online, i could probably find it online for cheaper..... and well...i did bought a 16ounze bottle of final inspection for under $7dallors...and i also got some cotton polishing cloths for 8pck cost $10....i have to say i am very pleased with the items i purchased from 'detailsupplydepot.com' a very reliable and proffesional company with great prices i recamand to all who dont wanna run out of final inspection as am sure most us do that own the meguirs kit..i hope this thread will hope those looking for good prices on meguir products :happy :cheers



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I use Meguiars on all my cars as well.
I haven't used "Final Inspection" on them yet (I use it on my 1:1s)
I use "Premium Paint Cleaner" to bring get the paint in better shape
Then "The Proffesional Show Car Glaze #7" 2 or 3 coats
And finally "Premium Paint Protection"
I will have to try Final Inspection on a few :cheers

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I'm still experimenting with the order to use these products in.

Thats one big bottle of Final Inspection :lol
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