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A Holy Grail - not so much this particular model, but, a good model of the 1:1. :happy

The body style dated back to 1961, however, the mechanicals were based, on the then latest 1968, S-class. The engine was a brand new V8 of 3,499cc - it should really have been called the 350 SEC.

The model comes in a dark metallic green, which probably looked very elegant in 1:1, but, tends to hide the detail at this scale, although, on close inspection, Spark have done an excellent job capturing the lines of the original. The "chrome" work in particular is well done. The interior, in cream, is well detailed, as you would expect, with one exception. The trim at the base of the side windows is not split at the door opening....giving the impression that if the door was open, there would be a barrier impeding access!

Anyway the photos:


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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