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Mercedes-Benz Pagoda 280SL 1968

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Doron just got these ultra rare models
Some great benz classics

3 of the 280SL 1968

Here are some photos i took:

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I'm glad you posted these models Alon. I was looking at Isramodel yesterday and saw these MBs. However, as I don't speak or read Hebrew, I don't know what was written about them.
Are they very old, as i've never seen or even heard of this manufacturer before?

These models were released in 1992, I think this manufacturer only released those Merecedess and some Ferraris, thats all!
The quality isn't great, but they are well presenting and a must-have for the Mercedes collector.
Neat stuff there. :eek:k
Nice models of a beautiful car.
The quality is nearly the same like Anson. Congrats to Doron... :wink
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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