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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

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Here's the next review, guys. This review's my second opinion to McLaren F1 Guy's review on the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren by Maisto.

The paint is reasonably well applied but the application is incomplete on the underside of the trunk. There is some "orange peel" on the roof as well but the decals used for the McLaren logos behind the front fenders and the SLR and Mercedes logos are very well applied and don't look like peeling off any time soon.


The model's scale is spot on and its proportions are accurate. A large amount of the exterior was made from metal and this is reflected by its rather portly weight of 815 grams. The panel gaps could be much tighter though, especially around the hood. The three-pointed star on the nose is quite well replicated but it doesn't fit perfectly in the space. The headlights are very nicely detailed as are the front indicators which have the mounting posts cleverly used to simulate the indicator bulb (they are coloured orange). The large front air dam isn't perforated but the mesh effect moulding used to simulate it is well rendered. The holes on the grille either side of the three-pointed star logo however are genuine openings as are those on the hood just by the windscreen.

The vents on the fenders are very well fabricated and the holes on them are genuine openings as well. The side repeaters on the wing mirrors are simulated by mesh effect with white paint rather than by a preferable piece of colourless plastic but the effect is an improvement over their own R230 SL Class models. The stalks that connect the wing mirrors to the doors are separated from each other (budget manufacturers would usually tend to mould them together and make it look like they are supposed to be separate).

The rear light clusters are very well simulated too - almost perfectly to be honest. There is some very fine detailing in the brake light/rear indicator cluster (cross-thatch detail with the brakes and the indicators are correctly raised above the brake lights and they have small circles moulded into them. The only complaint is the visible mounting posts to attach the lights to the bodywork. The central brake light is simulated by a sticker and the air brake doesn't lift from the trunk but this is to be expected from a budget model. The grille at the back with the reverse/night lights is simulated by a honeycomb paint effect.


The gull-wing doors open to reveal a rather well done interior. The floor and seats may not have any carpet effect but the detail on the whole is very good. The silver centre console is very well done with fine mouldings and painting marking out the controls and the SLR logo is easy to make out on it. The seats are well shaped and the seatbelts are separately made from the body of the interior and the seatbelt clips have the buttons correctly painted red.

The steering wheel is quite well rendered too with well moulded buttons but the dials don't line up properly with the dashboard. However the pedals and other controls are well defined. The interior roof is incomplete but this is probably because of the hinge assembly for the gull-wing doors. Although the interior of the premier edition version of the model is grey, it isn't known whether or not this is accurate but it is highly likely that there is an option for interior colours for the real car.


The turbine-style wheels are beautifully replicated and there is a tyre inflation/deflation pin in each wheel and the tampo-painted Mercedes logo on each wheel is well defined. The wheel nuts are very finely done and the tyres are branded correctly and the tread appears to be accurate. The brake discs are correctly coloured to resemble the carbon-ceramic material that the real car's brakes are made from. The brake calipers are correctly coloured silver and they are correctly positioned on the wheels. The only fault here is that the brake calipers are fixed to the discs therefore the brake discs do not rotate with the wheels.


The enormous hood lifts up and stays up to reveal the engine. The engine isn't a group of separately moulded pieces but rather a large single piece of moulded plastic that envelops the space in the engine bay but it is very well done. There is a large amount of fine moulding marking out virtually all of the engine bay's features e.g. the engine cover lid, the large air intake, and the oil and water boxes. The moulded wires and hoses are in exactly the same position as those in the real car's engine bay - none are speculated about. The intricate use of paint in the engine bay enhances the detail further.

The underside of the hood is well detailed as well with the reflective heat shield being nicely rendered. The tail pipes are only partially hollow and they aren't painted to look so but they are reasonably well done. Although the underbody of the model is generally flat this is correct as the SLR's underbody is generally flat to aid its aerodynamic grip. The lines and dots simulating the joins between the underbody are quite well done and there is reasonably good detail on the diffuser.

Currently only Maisto makes this model but CMC are due to release their own 1:18 scale version of the SLR which will almost certainly eclipse Maisto's own but it will be substantially more expensive as well so this score is subject to decreasing.

The dealer edition is rarer and therefore much more expensive than the Premier edition although the Premier edition isn't as easy to find as the average Maisto model. The only difference between the two versions is the packaging and that the dealer edition has a red/black interior while the Premier edition has a grey interior - the quality is equally good between the two models.

In short, this is one of Maisto's finest models. There aren't any major inaccuracies but a few lapses in the model's overall quality let it down but for this price range of model, this is to be expected. However with that said, this model will look great in most supercar/GT model collections.

Total Score - 35/50

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Excellent review CSGT. Thanks a lot. I'm still waiting for this model to be locally available so I can get my own. I'll also get the CMC model, mainly because it WILL have a real modeled engine with plumbing and wiring, and not a plastic mold like the Maisto. I'll post a message on my website announcing this review. :nicejob
Great review!

This is one of those cars that I still haven't decided if I'm going to buy it or not. I've seen these showing up at TRU now.
Nice model! Thanks for the review LUW! :cheers
Excellent review Darren. Since I don't have one yet, I can't judge the quality of the interior for myself but from what I've read on other forums, and from the many pics that I've seen, I didn't think it was as good as 5/8. :confused :cheers

Thanks fopr posting the review :cheers

A very accurate review :cheers
Nice pics! :cheers :nicejob
same here. i love reviews. :danbanna
excellent review

very informative and helpful to those who might be purchasing the SLR in the near future :cheers
Great review Darren :nicejob :nicejob
I agree with just about everything stated :cheers
However, like Rat I feel the interior doesn't warrant a 5.
It is close to the worst looking interior in a model that I have.
I think the moulded in detail is fine but the color (or lack of) makes it a very poor presentaion.

Thanks for the review :cheers
The reason why I didn't give it a four is because the chances are that interior colours will be a part of the options list so a grey interior may be accurate. If this is not the case then I will lower the score.
Great review... makes me want that model even more..

now if I could just find the damned thing which is turning out to be next to impossible here as all the places I have tried so far dont stock Maisto. :(
Thank you for your great review.

And here is my 1:18 Mercedes SLR McLaren [MATT-BLACK] by Maisto :

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That looks really good in matte black. I recently got the silver one and I am not much into buying recolors but that black one would be an exception to the rule.
I got my self Maisto 1:18 SLR McLaren too (Black, Grey and Matte Black). It's a good model. Also, i do have CMC SLR in Black. There all looks nice just only CMC is very detail. However, i prefer the Rims on the Maisto because CMC SLR is a little bit smaller =)
I have never seen Flat Black before....Where would they be found?
I have never seen Flat Black before....Where would they be found?
Ive never seen one either, usually i am not a fan of matt paint on cars, but this one actually looks quite cool!
Evil Z06, flat black version is the first batch maisto release the slr. The interior is same as the silver color- grey interior. However for the dealer edition, it comes with red/black =)
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