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Minichamps Porsche 924

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It's been a while since the last time I got me a model. The waiting is over. Here is the Minichamps Porsche 924. Moreover, this is my first review and it's dedicated to this forum and its members for being helpful (to say the least), entertaining and great guys (and girls) in general! :cheers

The real model was a collaboration sportscar between Porsche and VW and was the successor of the 914. It was "nothing really special", far away from what the 911 or 911 turbo of that time could offer, performance wise especially. However it was a great alternative for those who wanted a Porsche and could not afford to buy a more expensive model.

The model (model year 1985 as it's designated on the box) is a very nice example, it is worth a place in everyone's collection list, and I think it's a must for any Porsche collector.


The paint is a thick smooth red colour with no metallic flakes. The are no uneven spots, no discoloration or orange peel issues, as there are not any plastic parts painted to the exterior colour. The black stripes and logos are decals. They require some attention as they could come loose if you do not pay attetion. They could be attatched a little bit more carefully though.



The body shape is accurate. The dimensions are spot on, the stance looks identical to the real car. The car sits neither higher nor lower than it should. All parts can be opened and stay that way, namely the two doors (on proper hinges), the glass rear hatch (on two little discreet hinges) the engine lid and of course the retractable front lights. Unfortunately, there isn't a button on the underneath to press them open. The front and rear lights look very nice, but the characteristic (and annoying to some collectors) central attachment stub is there. Turn lights are not stickers. Panel gaps are just ok.



The interior is nothing special to look at, but the real car was like this. It is however by no means bad. There is carpeting in the front and in the hatch. The seats have a nice chequered flag paint pattern, which is eye catching and compensates for the hard plastic they're made of. Dial tampos are readable and well applied. The handbrake is on the right side, on the left of the driver. The interior generally looks a bit dark but I'm really picky now. A clumsy point is that the top part of the seatbelts is not mounted on the side pillar as it usually is, but since it is not moving easily it's not a big annoyance.



Not a strong spot on the diecast, just because the real car was not a stunner on this department. However, they are accurately done. Discs in front and drums in the rear wheels. The drums are really nice. The obscure discs do not rotate, but you have to really try to find this out. The brake calipers are a separate piece. There are nice coils representing the suspension as well, which is working too. The Porsche emblem is etched on the central black wheel hub.



The real suprise of the model is the engine compartment. There are a lot of cables and wiring to be seen, all painted in their proper colour and the sundry components of the engine are discrete and painted in accordance. A couple of informative tampos are there too. It misses the perfect 8/8 only because of some Exoto examples! Undercarriage detail is above average and the exhaust is painted silver and is hollow.



No one else makes the 924. AUTOart has announced the 924's sibling, the 944 but it could take some time before it hits the shelves. The 944, however, is a totally different story thus...



Unless I am really missing something, the Minichamps Porsche 924 is only available in red at the time of writing, and it's relatively easy to find. The price is a little bit high, but it is a new model and it's worth every cent of it.



This is a fine diecast by Minichamps. It's not their finest example and for the same price i.e. I bought me the red BMW M3 GTR street E46. However, it is a must for any Porsche collector. It's almost up there with
the AUTOart Porsches, like the 911 Turbo and 911 GT2 and of course a lot higher than what Maisto or Hotwheels can offer.


Added to the DX Model Review Database v2.0


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Congrats on your first review a fine job in my opinion :nicejob
That 924 looks pretty good to me. :cheers
congrats on a great review! I hope to write a few myself, once I get some models that people haven't reviewed...

BTW, are those 2 black dots on the rear lights HUGE mounting posts?
A cracking first review Excell .

I just got mine and I have to say I think its fantastic . Minichamps really did a good job on this car . The paintwork is flawless , opening features are excellently done and it really captures the lines and the character of the real car .

I dont see how anyone who buys this 924 can be disappointed with it . An excellent model indeed :cheers
Unfortunately yes, gundam40. This was one of the reasons I didn't get me the Minichamps M3 E30. The front lights have it too (the retractable ones) but the fog lights and turn indicators below it hide it.. Generally it's not that huge, but it's noticeable.
Thanks for the heads up, Excell! So the Minichamps E30 M3 has it too? Guess I'll have to get the AUTOart one then.

The 924 is a new model too, that's kind of weird for Minichamps...

My store just got this in, but I think I'll leave it for now.
Very nice review, thanks! :nicejob
At 1st I wasn't thinking about this car, but with the pics that have been popping-up lately and after your review I think I'll have to add it to my wish list. So if my wife asks I'll say it's your fault. :giggle
Excellent review and a very nice model!

I always liked this car, I used to see one for sale( a real one) and it was pretty 'affordable' for a Porsche.... I always dreamt about getting it for my real car,not gonna happen though.... I guess I will check I find on bargain on it (1:18) ...
Great review. At first you think, a 924? But when you see this model, you start thinking you just might want to add it to your collection. . . :goodpost
Good looking car Excel

I just want to ask you if you can take a picture of the hinges of the doors... I am particularly sensitive to that part
Ok, I'll post it tomorrow..
Thanks :cheers
Nice review!! thank's
On the doors is there any PORSCHE written?
Great review, Excell! :nicejob A nice little package.


There is not any "Porsche" logo on the doors...
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Thanks for sharing and doing the review for us :cheers

I thought this model was still considered as a "coming soon" model.
quote from meatwad (aqua teen hunger force) "now I need it" good review, great job :mob now you make us want it with such a good review. Theirs nothing left in the wallet now :giggle
Great model. I have it too, but in silver color
Good job from Minichamps

Today I bought BMW 735 of minichamps. It's very good
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