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After a two-year sabattical from works participation in top level motorsport, Porsche's competition department began ploughing all their technical know-how into this car, the Carrera GT.
Much like the 959, the Carrera GT was initially conceived as a racer, but later became a limited production flagship for Porsche's wealthiest customers. Built at Porsche's new plant in Leipzig, the state-of-the-art Carrera GT is powered by a 612bhp, normally aspirated V10 engine.
Weighing in at 1380kg, it can top 205mph and sprint from 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds.

The carbon-fibre monocoque chassis comprises a bonded mixture of carbon fibre tissue, aluminum and plastic honeycomb.
Aluminum inserts are laminated at specific points so other components can be attached to the load-bearing structure. These include an engine carrier and transmission support bolted to the rear of the monocoque, both of which are made entirely from carbon composite. Based on the architecture of Porsche's 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours winning GT1, the rear-wheel drive Carrera GT uses pushrod double wishbone suspension with inboard spring-and-damper units. Porsche's Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) feature 380-mm internally vented and cross-drilled carbon discs with six-piston aluminium monobloc calipers.

The traction control system boasts ABD, ASR and four-channel 5.7 ABS whilst power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering has a safety column bolted directly to the monocoque. Forged magnesium wheels are 9.5 x 19-inches at the front and 12.5 x 20 at the back, these being shod with Michelin Z-rated tyres. Derived from a purebred water-cooled 5.5-litre racing engine, the Carrera GT's 68° normally aspirated V10 was bored out to 5733cc. Mid-mounted and longitudinally positioned, a V10 was chosen in preference to a V12 on size and weight grounds.

Equipped with four valve heads, a forged crankshaft and titanium connecting rods, there's also Nikasil-plated cylinders, dry-sump lubrication and a closed-deck crankcase. The four-valve heads are operated by dual overhead camshafts, those titanium connecting rods and short-skirted pistons allowing for a smoother, more responsive engine. Weighing in at a mere 214kg, the block, crankshaft and camshafts are all light alloy along with the one-piece crankcase. With compression set at 12.0:1 and Bosch Motronic ME7.1 management, output is 612bhp at 8000rpm.

A transverse six-speed manual gearbox is employed, the big news having been an all-new twin-plate ceramic composite clutch for the first time on a production car. Ceramic composite clutches used in racing often have short lives, but Porsche have created a new design with a twin dry-plate clutch with ceramics made of carbon fibre and silicon carbide. These are strong, light and have an exceptional service life. The plates are only 169mm in diameter, less than half the size of a typical production car.

Outside, the Carrera GT's styling has clearly been influenced by past greats like the 718 RSK Spyder and 917. An open-top two-seater with a carbon fibre detachable hardtop, the roof consists of two lightweight panels and can be stored in the front luggage compartment. The rest of the bodywork is also fabricated mainly from carbon fibre including the doors, front lid, engine cover, rear side panels and sills.
The front and rear aprons are plastic. At the back, a rear spoiler automatically extends to retain stability at higher speeds, the wing rising by 160mm at 75mph (increasing downforce by 30%) and retracting to its normal position when the car slows to less than 50mph. The underfloor structure includes airflow ducts and a racing-style rear diffuser. Meanwhile, inside there's a curious mix of retro and high tech details, carbon and magnesium being combined with leather and even wood.

The carbon Kevlar bucket seats are covered in leather and have manual adjustment because power motors add unnecessary weight. Three-point safety belts are fitted as standard although the seats can also accomodate six-point racing harnesses. The raised centre console has a magnesium surround, the aluminium gear lever with its laminated wood gear knob being distinctively positioned about half way up the console. Standard equipment includes remote central locking, electric windows, power release lids and electric mirrors with internal heating.

Overall weight is 1380kg and all Carrera GT's come with five-piece leather luggage sets that match the interior (Terracotta, Dark Grey, Ascot Brown or Black). Air-conditioning is a no-cost option along with a navigation system and Bose audio. Buyers can also choose from a variety of upgrades including special paint and leather shades, extra carbon and leather cockpit finishes, silver, red or black-painted calipers and body-coloured wheels. Debuted at the Paris Salon in September 2000, after undergoing development testing, the final production version was unveiled in March 2003 at Geneva. Deliveries began soon after (for the 2004 model year), press and public reaction alike having been all that Porsche could've hoped for. Road testers revelled in the GT's exploitable performance, its everyday levels of practicality belying some astonishing figures.
Top speed is 205mph whilst 0-60 takes just 3.8 seconds, 0-125 requiring a mere 9.9. Improvements for the 2005 model year included a glass screen mounted between the roll hoops, a height adjustment feature for the seats and extra cushioning for the thighs. The chassis number was now imprinted on the centre console and a battery trickle-charger included. New colour options for the bodywork included Guards Red, Fayence Yellow and Black.


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Vince: That should come out now.

Vince: Good thing both roof's fit in the front boot.

Vince: Right time to take this thing for a drive.

Vince: Whats that like?
Sid: Pretty stunning.

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Very interesting!!!!! :cheers

.....I like those "Adventures of Sid & Vince" little stories..... :giggle

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Nice write up Dean :cheers

Your pics are great and really do the CGT justice .

Its a fantastic car , the leather is great and the wheels are the right size :lol
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