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Minichamps RS200 info required

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Please can someone help, I am after the code numbers of the Minichamps RS200 Road cars in white(lhd), black(rhd).

Also are there any different versions in their 2005 catalogue? If there are please can you list these aswell.

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This one is due for release this year, 430080202 - Ford RS200 1986 Blue

430080270 is for the black RS200

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Dave , the white RS200 is 430 080200

By the way , I sold mine for £41 .
Cheers Guys. Only 3 to get. :danbana

Gary I completely forgot about your RS200 auction. DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive got the white red and black ones have the blue on order also have won on e-bay the rare ixo rally version
You mean the Minichamps version right? because I don't think the iXO is the rare one...
nope i mean the ixo one ive never seen the ixo for sale in the uk only on e-bay

the ixo cost me less than 30 euros

better than the price of the minichamps one way to rich for me last one i saw was £250-00 :yikes:
There is no Ixo version, it is from the rally collection magazine. There are 3 different ones: Works swedish 86, Belga team Boucels de Spa 86(without Belga Branding), Purolator Carlos Sainz 87 Spanish Gravel championship car.

Hopefully Ixo will release these, even if its under their junior line.

Minichamps version is the rarer version of the 2 works cars though.
its in a ixo box
Im pretty sure I have seen an Ixo RS200 in Ixo packaging too.
Did a google search and theyre showing up as being advertised on Ebay as Ixo versions , but I cannot find a single one on there (must be old auctions I think ).
Unfortunately , I couldnt find a single pic of the Ixo version and it isnt shown , or listed , on Ixo`s website :confused

I did find both Altaya and Minichamps versions for comparison though
Altaya comes out from the same factory as iXO and quite a few models that came out from Altaya so far ended up coming out as iXO models (or at least in other variations)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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