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Missed this place!

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greetings my friends....

just wanted to say i really missed this place,i have been away due to some personal life issues got a new job been working great amount of hours which is great,equals more diecasts :giggle ..i also promised justin a diecast model and due to my money situation wasn't able to send it to him yet....has really made me embarased to come here,i know justin is a great person and doesn't mind,but i dont like promising and not doing....i am truely sorry and ashamed,but i am getting back on my feet finally was able to order few new models and soon one will be heading Justins way,again i am very sorry to Justin i love this place and hope to continue posting here till i can't type anymore :cheers

great to be back

btw: i have missed so much so many great new models and awsome photography you guys posted i have alot of 'reading' and 'admiring' to do :giggle
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Great to see you back posting, but most importantly back in the right
groove in the game called "Life".

Look forward to seeing more of your posts :cheers
:welcome Back Pauly, was wondering where you had been.

Good to see you back online here at DX, have fun reading & getting :tempted by all the great photos of diecast you have missed.

:welcome back Pauly !!!

I'm glad to see you here again :cheers
Welcome back Pauly! :cheers
I know, life sucks sometimes.
Welcome back :cheers No matter what happens in life you can be sure that DX will be here :cheers
Hi Paully!
Glad to hear that things are working themselves out :cheers

You should never be ashamed or embarrased to hold your head high among friends.
Everyone here has had some bad times to go through.

So whats on the buy list? :lol
:welcome back, Paully! I'm glad things are making a turn-around for you. :cheers
Welcome back Paul. I really miss seeing pictures of your cars.
So what type of job are you working out now?
Welcome back Pauly. Jump in with both feet and get on with it, buddy!
thanks for the kind words guys DX is family for-ever! :cheers
i am currently working as a "sattalite dish installer" for DirecTv :danbana
currently i have been getting wetdreams about that new 2005 MB Mclaren SLR from CMC but i also have been getting nightmares about the price...... :lol
currently on my recently purchased/still in delivery list are...... :happy

2004 BMW 5 Series 545(Gray)
2003 BMW 3 Series M3 CSL(black)
2003 Porsche Boxster 986(silver)
2003 Porsche Boxster S986 Cabriolet Facelift(metalic blue)
2004 Porsche 911 GT3RS (White with Blue Stripes)
Mercedes Benz CLK Class CLK500(red)
1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S Turbine (blue) :giggle

and a couple more on the wish list for Santa :lol....
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Pauly you are more then welcome to send any pictures to me to upload on mysite :cheers
Good to see you back on DX Pauly!!! :cheers
thankyou Ronan :cheers
Dennis i will deffently kindly take you up on that offer, i'll take a fresh new batch of photos tommorrow for ya! thanks my friends :great

paully, :cheers
Cheers to your glorious return to Diecast but most importantly to DX!! Glad to have you back! :cheers
:goodpost :cheers :goodpost
It's great to see you back Paully (is it one "l" in your name or two? :confused ) Either way, you're amongst friends here. :cheers Congrats on the new job too. I hope it's treating you well and doesn't get you too stressed out from the heavy workload/hours. But like you said, more work horus = more money = more diecasts. :happy
Welcome back Paully, never be embarrassed here, after all you are amongst friends
Welcome back Pauly...Looking forward to seeing the red CLK, want to get one of those....
welcome back paully

quite a few new releases out now, start spendin!!!!!! :lol
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