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Mission Possible

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i got a set of dub spinner, not been used.
i was bored

atm only the rear, took me half a day for cutting the plastic :)
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another one
I believe that a member of a now defunct Jada forum once said:

"Them rims are WAAAAY too big"

They're certainly interesting but if they look big on my Anson EXT then they're prbly gonn look big on a mustang :scared
haha ohwell. atleast i have sumting to do. i dont have wheels for that scale :) :happytwo
Well here is the update. btw, its not a metal diecast :)

i'll appreciate all ur comments :)
An interesting concept! :cheers
WOW...... :tongue Looks wild :scared

Interesting mod :cheers
woah, those are big!!!!!!

kinda looks cool though
Awesome mod too bad those wheels wouldnt turn in real ife.... that looks pretty coll but
Hide the children!!! :eek:hmy

In wich size are the wheels?
30" ?? :eek:hmy
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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