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Mitsubishi Eclipse (Fast and Furious)

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I finally did the mods that I wanted on my Eclipse model yesterday night/this morning. I repainted the engine bay to make it look like the real car's own rather than the stock engine bay as well as adding some wiring.

Original Engine Bay (1/10)

Mod Overview (2/10)
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First stage of painting engine bay - blue wires and hoses (3/10)
Final stage of painting engine bay - cam covers painted silver + labelled, battery and front suspension turrets painted appropriately (4/10)
Engine bay back in model bodywork (5/10)
Here you can see that the filler cap is only painted black - there is no chrome circular cap.

Absence of filler cap from real car (6/10)

I made one using the filler cap from my Hot Wheels TVR Speed 12 model.

New filler cap (7/10)
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Because the seatbelts were so inaccurate in terms of colour (they were just silver painted mouldings in the seats) I made some with some glossy sticky labels and used MGI Photosuite to make the orange, red, black and grey chequered patterns on them.

Both seats - please forgive the low light (8/10)
Seat belts - driver's side (9/10)
Seat belts - front passenger's side (10/10)
Much much better :nicejob
great job Darren :cheers

also, good idea to post it in a step-by-step format, so other people can use your method to improve their FF Eclipse :cheers
You've really improved the looks of the Eclipse. Terrific work Darren!! I also like your "How To" photo-tutorial.

OT: Is it me or does anyone lese find the green on Ertl's rendition of the Eclipse a tad on the yellowish side?? :confused :confused SM Jr has one in 1:24 scale and the green is more vibrant. It's made by Revell as a kit:

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Great job Darren!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Now I'd like to see someone make this car into a Spyder. :cheers
Impressive Darren! :nicejob
The car looks so much better now.
Thanks for you kind comments guys. :cheers
I agree with your observation, Felix - the model's colour definitely isn't right.
Looks awesome csgt! Great work! :nicejob :nicejob :cheers :cheers
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