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Modded Lambo Murcie

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Hi all, another mod from me! Saw pics of this photoshopped modded black lambo murcie a few weeks back, and got some ideas from it. So here is what i ended up with. All I did was the front/rear spoiler and the diffuser on the bottom of the rear. For the money, the Gate is pretty good. The mold (i assume its the same as AUTOart's) and paint is great! The lack of details with interior/engine/brake etc. is reasonable for a US$19 car...Two complains is that first; the stupid passenger door always pops up and won't close tightly, and secondly the car won't roll! Everytime i try to roll it, the front wheels turns and gets stuck to a side...not that rolling is important, but it would be more perfect if it could roll properly. Does this happen to all gates?? :confused Anyway, here are the pics, :feedback

A pic of the diffuser from under..

With its big brother, Barchetta:

That's all folks, hope u guys like it! :drinkbud
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BVR said:
Nice work JU57!!! :danbanna :danbanna :danbanna
Have you thought of replicating the Murci R-GT? :drinkbud
:iagree :iagree

Nice work JU570! This is what I thought of when I saw your rear diffuser :giggle

The #6 car below is run in the American Le Mans Series.
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