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Model Dusting Tip for the New Year

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Here is an unexpected benefit from a gift I recieved - a Dash Duster thrown in with a CA Car Duster (a great product for real cars) fm the Eastwood Co. that my wife gave me. The Dash Duster has soft bristles that do no damage to the model yet removes the dust even inside, just open the doors or hood and twirl it. I am really excited about this because I have some models on display in my office that are hard to clean, such as an Auburn Speedster, a Cord, etc. This thing really works, on everything including display cases, and better than anything else I've ever tried - in fact it is pure magic. If you have exposed cars try it - you might just end up LOVEing it like I do.

And to all you special folks on these forums - Cheers to you in the New Year and Thank You for sharing your thoughts, which allows me to feel less "deranged", since most everyone else I know does not understand our (my) passion for these little cars.
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Ill have to try this one day, thanks for the recomendation.


As for understand your passion for diecast, you in the right place!
Thanks for the handy tip stewil. (Yes, us diecast collectors are a breed different from most other people. I guess in that way, we're all equally 'deranged' here. :giggle )

My wife got me one of those very soft anti-static dusters a while back and they are excellent i must say.

Just swirl around the model and presto all the dust is gone!

Highly recommended!


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