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models that i had bought in London this week

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i am new member in this forum.
i collect models car 1:18 and when i visited in London in this week i had bought 7 models.
the models:
- BMW series 6, kyosho in the BMW agency in Park lane, London.

- BMW series 7, kyosho in the BMW agency...

- BMW 3 convertible, kyosho in the agency....

- BMW z8, autoart in st. martins models (near leicestersquare)

- BMW roadstar M, UT in Alex reade

- BMW series 5, kyosho in modelzone (MZ) in Holborn, London.

- SLR MERCEDES, maisto in MZ...

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Congrats for all 7 models :cheers

nice pics and models :danbanna

i like the BMW 3 convertible :drool :drool :drool

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Hi Jonson and
to the forum :cheers
Some very :cool1 models you picked up for yourself :nicejob
That 6 is stunning :drool
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to DX Jonson
Nice cars you picked up in London.
Great detail on them
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aboard, Jonson. Glad to have you join us. That's a very nice haul of models you got. :cheers
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Great Buys! Congrats!!

Sounds EXACTLY! like my day trips into London while I was an ex-pat!
Welcome to the DX Forum Jonson.

It's great to see your latest additions.

Out of curiosity, what is that faceless head in the background?? :confused
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:welcom2 Jonson!!! I've been to all of the shops and dealers you mentioned in London and they are all great places to check out the latest dieacast in! I especially like the new 6 series, that's a model I haven't got yet myself :cheers
Welcome!!! :cheers :cheers :cheers

Very nice models :cheers :cheers :cheers

I really like the silver 6'er :drool :drool :drool
Greetings Jonson! :welcom2 to DX! :cheers

Nice haul & excellent pics. :cheers
Jonson!!! :cheers
Great cars you got there!!! :drool Excellent pics too! :cheers
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in the back :i bought it in IKEA.

Wow !

Very nice modells :nicejob
jonson :cheers

The last time I was at Saint Martins, I left the shop with 7 boxes, all of them 1/18's :happy :happy
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Great BMW Models!!!
:nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
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