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More AA price increases

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I got this email today from Designs in Motion:

Gateway Global/Autoart dropped a bomb on the industry yesterday with the announcement of yet another dealer cost increase, the second of '05, citing increased production costs from China. This explains the delays in expected new item releases this month, as they wanted to make sure that new items billed to the dealers at the "new" price. - Nice folks!
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What caliber of price increase are we talking about?
I wouldn't say that every new model is comming out with some kind of gross flaw, but at least some are. Citing names, the Le Mans GT3 RS was horribile, but the 328 bimmer was spot on. What will I do? I'll be VERY selective of what I buy from them. If the sales of the poorly made models sink, the message will be loud and clear: "don't make crap 'cause we ain't buying crap".
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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