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Last night I met with Myles & Haythem from DUB Publishing to preview the new Dropstars line. Myles had two 300cs samples in the blister pack. After we went over the concept of Dropstars and I previewed some of the other cars & SUVs that will be part of the new line, one of the cars was freed from it's plastic prision. First off, the model is a nice size. As stated in previous posts this line will not be 1/64 or 1/24. It will be Mid Scale. These were Mid Scale 1/64 that equals about a 1/50th. The quailty of the paint and tampos is good. The TIS wheels are perfect and fit the car right. The interiors are detailed including a sound system. The front grill is the Strut grill that is very popular right now for the 300c. This line will have various licensed products through out the line. Even though the base is plastic the car still feels solid and not cheap. The base is not screwed in but riveted.Some collectors will not be happy with a plastic base but with the pricing at or about $2.99 I could not complain. As far as the riveted base, I would like to see a screw in base just so the customizers would be able to do wheel swaps without having to drill the rivet out and ruin the model. One other thing I would like to see, is an opening hood, trunk or doors. With the larger size, it would be an added benefit. The initial release should be 16 cars and should hit mass market around the 1st of the year. Dropstars has not forgot about us hobby guys and will be addressing our demands for more hobby only items.
Right now is an exciting time for diecast collectors. We have some much to chose from and look forward to and I will be looking forward to Dropstars. Jae

Pros: Size, Pricing, Detail
Cons: Riveted Base, Plastic Base, No Opening Parts.

Now for the best part, here are two more releases.

One last thing, these are my own personal opinions, I have in no way been compensated for this.
If you are going to post these photos else where please give credit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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