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iXO is fast (and I mean fast!) becoming my favorite model-making brand of the year.

Here are two very impressive additions:

1991 Mazda 787B #55


1993 Peugeot 905 #3

More pictures of each can be found in the Motorsports Forum. :cheers

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You are so in the 1/43 hole aren't you Gian! :happy :lol I guess we've become soul-mates that way. :cheers :cheers Congrats on both your Le Mans winners.

Do these cars use tampoes or decals?

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congrats Gian! :happy

The IXO 787b is INFINITELY better than the Minichamps, trust me... it's cheaper by a lot too :p

You gotta get outta the hole before u go too deeeeeeeeep~! :lol

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Thanks guys!

RHD Chris - I'm still getting the 787B for a lil father-son pictorial. :giggle

Felix - I'm in big deep, huh? :lol It looks like both have decals, unfortunately, unlike the Mac.

Gary - It's too late. I'm afraid I'm stuck in this black hole! :scared
Winston - The Pugs were on a roll as they managed to win back to back in '92 and '93.

Jim - It's getting outta control!!! :lol It's very contagious!

Eddy - I think there's a 787B made in 1:24... mwahahaha!!!


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Thanks Johnny and Nadav! :cheers

Here's a picture I forgot to show you guys:

Odd year Le Mans winners: '91 ; '93 ; '95
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