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Along with the Ford GT I got today, I also received a Motor Max Acura NSX.

For the price, the paint on this model is something that I didn't expect. It's almost flawless other than inside the door jams. Not a scratch, bump or nick in it.

I like the way the doors pop closed as if they are on springs. The rear hatch is a real PITA to open if you want to see the engine. There is a small clip that holds the rear hatch closed. It would have been nice if the front hood opened.

The parts that fall short are the front end, lower air dam, tail lights and interior. The headlights look good but the lower air intake looks bad with the solid black plastic. The tail lights are painted on over the clear red. They would have been better off not painting them at all. The interior lacks detail with plastic seats but the gauges are there with stickers. A little modding and the interior could look quite good.

The fit of the body parts is another surprise. Everything fits nicely without large gaps. One thing, you'll see in the pictures. The license plate is croocked. Easily fixed though.

The wheels look OK and the tires have a rubber feel. The brakes discs have no detail but they do roll independent of the calipers. Brake calipers are painted gold.

There is quite allot of undercarriage detail along with half decent engine detail.

My Opinion...

Paint 7 (believe it or not for a model in this price range)
Exterior 7 (another surprise, nice fit around the doors and other body parts)
Interior 5 (lack luster detail...could be spruced up though after modding)
Wheels/Brakes 5 (no detail on the rotors but the calipers look OK)
Engine 6 (not too bad at all for a model in this price range)
Competition (not sure)
Desirability 3 (I wanted an NSX and the price was right)
Overall 34

In my opinion, not a bad model. Great paint for something that was so reasonably priced. Details could be better but what do you expect for a budget model.

Sorry, I made a mistake in the original post. The front hood does open. There is a spare tire with no detail in there.
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This model will be featured in a upcoming giveaway sometime in the near future. :cheers

It will be in yellow. :happy

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:danbanna Looks great!!! Thanks for the review!!! :cheers
It seems to me the front hood DOES open!!! :confused You even see the hood hinges below the front window... I even saw pics of it with front hood opened... Maybe you should try harder :teasing

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Venom said:
Very nice for a budget model. :nicejob
But are you sure the front doesn't open? I have also seen pics of this model with the front open and noticed the gaps too.
Holy Crapp! Yes the hood does open. :danbanna The gaps are so close and tight I had to use a piece of paper to slide in the gap. Man is it tight. There's a spare tire with no detail in there too. Man do I feel dumb. :confused

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:lol, even with the real NSX, the spare tire doesn't come with much detail either :lol
seems like a good model, I hope I can find one soon.
with some modding it could be a very nice base for a type R :cheers
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