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Moving on Up!

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I just want to take some time to congratulate myself for reaching another level in diecast collecting. For some time now I have been buying mainly budget models
(1:18 Maistos, Bburagos, MotorMaxs, Hotwheels, and so on)

Now I have reached a point where all Im mainly going to collect is Auto Art, Kyosho, and other brands that have more detail than budget models. Im running out of room and more detail is always welcome. So if the models are more expensive it will take longer to recover and buy more, all the while being an efficient diecast collector.

To start out with a bang and to add to my small upper end models(AUTOart collection of 3 and 2 Kyoshos) I just purchased these and will soon be in for pics for us all, as usual. :cheers

BTW this is a byproduct of participating habitually in this DX forum. :happytwo

Pic courtesy of diecastcountry, hobbytowers, and diecastmart.
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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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