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Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 1967
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Lane Exact Detail

As I promised here are the photos of this, hmm, damn I can't find words for it :happy
This is my first Lane, and my first real top quality model (I've an Exoto, but it's the Hummer)..
The main feeling in all angels when looking at this Shelby is WOW.
The details are just awesome in all compartments.
The only thing that bother me is the un-lettered tires, I search for some 1:1 Shelbys photos and found that some have lettered tires (GOODYEAR usually) and some doesn't. So it's maybe authentic for some Shelbys but I'm sure it wil look better with lettering.
Apart from that small misunderstanding :giggle the model is perfect, I absolutely love it :woohoo
I don't tell you more about it, you just will need to buy it..
This is for sure one of the best looking Mustangs, and one of my favorites, and this model totally stands for that.. :eek:k

So here are the photos..these are only chosen 14, you can see a lot more in the link:

Thank's for your time..

Very nice piece Alon.

The detail on the engine looks great , and I love the tool box and jack in the boot .
Those are very nice touches :eek:k

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Billions of blue blistering barnacles!!!! Thats an awesome lot of detail. mE, after this, it will be hard to accept any model which has less detail than this one does. Congratulations. You are in trouble. :giggle
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