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My 1:1 car brochures

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Well, exept 1:18 diecast models i collect all sort of things regarding cars
One of the collection's that i have and i will show now is the 1:1 car catalogs :woohoo
I mainly collect catalogs of sports and laxury vehicals, here's some of my catalogs:

Mercedes SLK Class, Audi TT, BMW Z3 Series, Honda S2000, Jaguar XJ Series

But there are many catalogs that i want and cant get becuse over here not all the car agency bring and give the catalogs.., for example the BMW agency dont give catalogs, only to people who buy the cars they give them catalogs :ranting , and i want a catalog of the M3 & M5, M6 :cry
I hope i could get one day a Ferrari catalog :woohoo , i have a lot of catching to do ..

Enjoy the pictures, and soon i will show another collection about cars that i have :cheers
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Cool stuff, Ariel. :cheers I used to do the same thing. I had Jaguar, MB, BMW, Land Rover, Audi - a whole bunch from the late '90s.
Nice. I have a few myself...

(left to right)
Mercedes-Benz 230 SL-Class hard cover - not pictured
Mercedes-Benz Designo hard cover - not pictured
Mercedes-Benz 129 SL-Class hard cover
Mercedes-Benz 215 CL-Class hard cover
Mercedes-Benz 220 face lift S-Class hard cover
Mercedes-Benz 463 face lift G-Class hard cover
Mercedes-Benz 215 face lift CL-Class hard cover
Mercedes-Benz 163 face lift M-Class soft cover
Mercedes-Benz 211 E-Class spiral hard cover - my name printed on the first cover :happy
Mercedes-Benz 211 E-Class DVD
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These are really cool. :nicejob

Thanks for sharing them with us, Ariel. :cheers
Ariel, I have a Subaru Impreza (NOT STi) lying around somewhere... you wants? If so, I'll have to search around for it though...
Great Collection!!

I too collect these, mostly from auto shows, but of course from the dealerships as well, some of them just amaze me with the spectacular photos!

My favorite part of the brochures is the Color Chips!!, i love to see all the unique shades from each manufacturer :danbana

BTW, my "Crown Jewel" is a German Language BMW M3 CSL Brochure (a big thing, not just one or two pages) that I got in BMW's downtown Munich expo...
I'm not sure about in Israel but most car companies will ship their catalogs to you if you look around their sites enough to find the links or just send them a message in customer service. I've gotten a few that way when the dealerships wouldn't fork them over. BMW is really good about sending out brouchers. Mmm might have to photograph some of my stuff that I've gotten over the years but sometimes after a while I'll just toss them out if I don't like them enough to take up shelf space.
Very nice Ariel! I had a phase where I was collecting these catalogs as well, but I've stopped buying them now (diecasts has more priority :giggle). There are a ton available in eBay, you might be able to get some at good prices (that is if you want to pay for them).

The favourite one I have is the old E38 L7 limousine catalog.
Nice collection Boedan...I have pretty much the same, but I have got a hardback CLS book as well, not got the G Wagen one though...I have just bought a couple of press packs from Evilbay...the launch pack for the SLR back in 2003 and a Maybach pack from 2004. How did you get the E Class spiral bound book? :cheers
Hi Ben, it would be really nice to see the SLR & Maybach brochure's, if you can take some pictures of them :cheers
Hey, I'd love to take some pics for you, but just like 90% of my diecasts, my brochures are all in storage :cry

If you want to see the cover, do an eBay search of completed items for "M3 CSL Brochure"

Another niffty one I picked up in Germany was a MB SL hardcover book, it was about the size of a childrens book, but very detailed.

Also, at the Mercedes Museum in Stugart they sell reproductions of brochures of classic MB cars, and I picked up a reproduction of the 1955 300SL Gullwing Brochure (in german) for my Grandfather for like 10 Euros!
Hi Ariel, as requested, a couple of pics of the press packs. The SLR pack has a book full of info, a pack of about 20 photos, and a CD Rom with loads of other stuff on it. The Maybach one just has a book and a couple of photos..

I have just won the launch pack for the 57S, but I haven't received it yet..

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Hey, great to see some other catalog collectors on here :cheers
I started off by getting what I could from dealers here in the UK but have also been pulled to the darkside known as eBay!!

My main collection though is US brochures which fortunately I have friend I swap them for UK brochures - now have over 500 of them!!!
I also have quite a few presskits - benny - the 57s kit is a nice item. You should like it.

Favourite items are the full Maybach and SLR brochures which I recently obtained. Not cheap but really nice :)

I also have many car catolouges as well but mainly from the late 80's to early 90's. It's a great hobby in itself. Nice collection you have as well. :coolpics Especially the SLR. :tongue
Wow! That SLR brochure is nice! :cool

Before I got into diecasts I collected car brochures a few years ago. I have some Porsche (mostly 911 Turbo), Mercedes (mostly SL-class) and Nissan 300ZX. My favorites are the Ferrari ones. I stopped collecting these as they can be quite expensive:

And my most recent one, a UK Golf V GTI brochure (my future 1:1 :happy)

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:tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue
Nice Brochures. :tongue :tongue :tongue :tongue
i only get those when i don't have to pay for them :giggle
still pissed that i couldn't make it over to Geneva this year :ranting :ranting :ranting

one of the coolest catalogs is the one from Maybach, comes in a hardbound map/case with a nice book in there
Just found something nice for you Ferrari people out there....an F430 launch pack from geneva on Ebay..not bidding on this one, but there is also a pack for the new Audi RS4 that I AM after...

F430 pack

Thank's for the pic's Ben, the SLR brochure looks amaizing :tongue :tongue

F50-GT thank's for showing us your Ferrari brouchures, They are so amaizing, i think my holy grail is to get one of those brochures one day :shipwrecked
You are welcome Ariel, and I thought that you would like to see my last 2 packs..

Audi A6 Uk launch pack..

And the Geneva 05 Maybach 57S launch pack..

Both contain CD roms with loads of pics on them.

I have a feeling that I am becoming quite interested in these packs.... :lol

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