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What camera do you use? These days, less and less pics posted online contain their exif data, so it's hard to tell what people use. I believe webp doesn't even retain camera data by default.
The last 4 years i work with SonyA7RIII and some GM lenses. But before that a Nikon bridge camera was my companion for a long time!

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Thanks Marios ! Especially coming from you and your outstanding pics

I did a little comparison of the 1/12 Enzo's, Kyosho Vs Tamiya
Pictures don't do justice (they look the same 馃槄)
In reality, Kyosho bugged me because of high ground clearanceand small wheels

Tamiya on the left, Kyosho on the right
(First pic is around 10 years old I think 馃槉)

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Hood

Vehicle Car Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Hood

Car Vehicle Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Hood


Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Toy


Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting

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Still missing the side and front Ferrari emblems... But... MAN I'm proud !

1/12 Tamiya - Ferrari F50 (in unique 1 of 1 Black Color)

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Grille Toy

Some pics of the process :

It was a yellow one

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting

Car Wheel Vehicle Automotive parking light Tire

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Toy Yellow

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Gas

Automotive design Automotive exterior Wood Bumper Motor vehicle

Auto part Automotive exterior Automotive design Motor vehicle Metal

Wheel Vehicle Tire Car Automotive lighting

Font Rectangle Typesetting Gas Engineering

Tire Automotive tire Automotive design Rectangle Grey

Automotive design Peripheral Gadget Table Automotive wheel system

Automotive design Eyewear Gadget Bag Communication Device

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Thanks, I had greats tips from other collectors. I wanted to do one myself for honor, but for next projects, I will hire professionnal painter, too much hassle, and too much defects. It's ok for this model, but for next ideas on more expensive models, I need perfection !

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The result looks perfec - so glossy! 馃憦

I have tried it myself last year (with spary cans) but I don't have a room for it and realized that it's not my cup of tea.
There are activities which I enjoy much more... ;)
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