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My 5 models are here!

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My five goodies came and here are some quick shots.

(its sitting on the box of my laptop :giggle )
I like them all!
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:cheers congrats cdxoo8 you must be a very happy man today :happy :cheers
I sure am.. but what makes me think is that all the boxes seems to be opened, the tapes are all cut, doors are loose (as seen in the pic) and the rear wheel on the Saturn was broken off.. had to take it out and put it back on... so no real biggie there...

It was a huge box though!
Congrats :cheers
How do you like the 6 :feedback
Externally, WOW, looks damn good!
Internally.. eh..... eh....... seats are "ok"... the rest is a little plasticky.
I think I want to get one of these in black.
Good to know the outside looks good :cheers
Congrats! :cheers :cheers :cheers

Are the wheels on the CGT the new wheels, or are they the concept wheels?
Congrats cdx008

I like that Porsche (i have the same), but i prefer the 645 from Khyoso

cool adds
I'm not sure, i'll take a close-up shot of it for you tommorrow once i'm free. :cheers
Hmmm.. which Porsche are you talking about, the GT3 or the C GT ?
OK, thanks :cheers :cheers
congrats :cheers the 645 Hot Wheels, i heard that its not that nice detailed!? whats your opinion? :feedback
Congrats!! :cheers
Very nice models.. I love Sales
Exterior = Great
Interior = :WTF
Well, it looks like the new wheels, i'm pretty sure of it.

Sorry, didn't have the time to take pics... :scared
Here are the new wheels for a comparison:


I really want one with the new wheels but I don't know where to buy one :confused
I'm still pretty sure it is the new wheels :cheers
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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