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My Big-Bodied AUTOart Lexus GS400

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Man, I love this boat! Black, I feel, is the only way to go with this bruiser cruiser. That explains the price difference between it and the silver. I have this sense of accomplishment now that I own an AUTOart Lexus. :lol

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Congratulations, and gorgeous car!!! I have one of these on the way to me as well and am really looking forward to seeing it!

Beautiful model SF. :cheers :cheers This is one model that i want desperately to go with my Jag S type. My model shop is flooded withthe silver ones and one black one with a defective headlamp. :ranting
Ric- You won't be disappointed. It's a little long-in-the-tooth as far as refinement (as it should be), but it's still a stunning piece of diecast history. It just makes you love AUTOart for who they were and who they are now. :cheers
That's a shame, Winston. :cry I'd check eBay. Every once in a while a nice black one pops up. :cheers
Congrats Speedfiend :cheers

great model :tongue
Thanks, Nadav! :happy
Very nice for an earlier AUTOart. I have the Toyota Aristo V300 version in black...is one of my nicest big saloons. :happy :happy
Wow great pics there SF! I really like the last pic with the wheel turned. It really sets it off. :lol One day Ill join you and get an AUTOart Lex. Congrats again. :cheers
:cheers congrats-great car :cheers
======================= :nicejob
--------- :happy :danbana
Thanks, man! :lol I hope you get one. You'll love it! :danbana
I wouldn't mind one in 1/1 scale :lol
Me too!!!! :cheers
:iagree A black GS430 with chrome 20s would be ideal! :tongue
There you go!! :cheers
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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