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Here's my whole entire collection. It consists of over 40+ 1/18s and a number of 1/24s and 1/43s ranging from Mercedes to BMW, to Chevy, to Cadillac to Lexus and from manufacturers like Kyosho, Maisto, Gateway Global's AutoArt, Anson, UTModels, Minichamps, Paul's Model Art, Ertl, and the Beanstalk Company. Also, please excuse the crudity of the display, I only made it temporarily out of my trunk that I ust to take to school and empty drawers lol; and some of my models come from very dusty hiding spots.

here it is in the whole, MOST of my collection:

All the following are 1/18 and scales will change when posted.
Here, from left to right is: Welly 2003 GMC Yukon Denali; Ertl 2004 Land Rover Range Rover HSE; UTModels 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition; AutoArt 2002 Lincoln Navigator; Anson 2002 Cadillac Escalade


Here is from left to right:
Kyosho 2005 BMW 545i w/ Sport Pkg.; Kyosho 2005 BMW 645Ci w/ Sport Pkg.; Kyosho 2002 BMW 745i; AutoArt Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG F1 Williams Edition; Maisto 2000 Mercedes-Benz S500 (my project car)


Here is from left to right:
AutoArt 1999 Lexus GS400; AutoArt 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton W12; Maisto 2001 Jaguar X-Type; Maisto 1999 Jaguar S-Type; Maisto 2000 Cadillac Deville DTS; then behind those is the Maisto 2004 Chevy Impala SS


Here are the three BMWs lined up all with 4.4 litre ValveTronic V8 engines with an output of 325HP and 330 lb-ft or torque.


Here from left to right and from back to front are:
1st Row (back on floor): Maisto 2003 Mini Cooper w/ Sport Pkg.; Anson 1998 Mercedes-Benz E420 Estate; Maisto 2001 Ford Explorer SportTrac; On top of the Maybach box is the AutoArt 2004 Maybach 57; Maisto 1999 Hummer H1 Civilian Wagon; Maisto 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG; Maisto 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser
2nd Row: AutoArt 1998 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster; Maisto 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Premier Edition; Maisto 1993 BMW 325i Convertible; Maisto 1995 Ferrari F50 roadster; Maisto 1995 Chevy Corvette; Anson 1996 Chevy Camaro Z28; Bburago 1999 BMW M-Roadster; Maisto 2003 Lexus SC430
3rd Row: Maisto 2002 Ford Mustan SVT-R Cobra; Maisto 2003 Ford Thunderbird; Maisto 2003 Chevy Corvette Guldstrand Signature Edition; Maisto 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR Street Version; Hot Wheels 2001 Ferrari 550 Maranello; Maisto 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM LeMans Version
4th Row: Bburago 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera4; Bburago 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo; Unknown Manufacturer 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera; Bburago 1997 Bugatti EB110; Kyosho 2003 BMW Z8 w/ Removable Softtop


The following are my 1/18 scale American classics collection, then my 1/24 law enforcement collection, then the rest of my 1/24 and some 1/43s:
From left to right are:
Anson 1973 Cadillac Eldorado; Maisto 1956 Chrysler 300B; Maisto 1965 Pontiac GTO Hurst Edition; Unknown manufacturer 1958 Edsel Citation; Anson 1953 Cadillac Eldorado


From Left to right are my 1/24 law enforcement models:
Code 3 Collectables 1996 Chevy Caprice Illinois State; Code 3 Collectables 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Florida Highway Patrol; Code 3 Collectables 1998 Ford Crown Victoria NYPD; Hot Wheels 2001 Chevy Suburban D.A.R.E. Edition


From Back to front and left to right are my 1/24 models:
In front of the law enforcers:
Maisto 2002 Ford Escape; SunStar 1995 Chevy Suburban; Jada Collections 2003 Chevy Avalance DUB Edition; Maisto 2002 Chevy Silverado; Anson 2003 Cadillac Escalade
2nd Row: Maisto 2002 BMW Z8; Maisto 1997 Ford Explorer; Maisto 2000 Mercedes-Benz S500; Maisto 2001 Audi TT


From Left to right after last row of cars:
SunStar 1996 Lincoln Town Car Limo; Maisto 2000 Mercedes-Benz S500; Maisto 2002 BMW X5 3.0i; Bburago 1995 BMW M3 LeMans Edition; Unknown Manufacturer 1997 Ford Mustang SVT; SunStar 1/18 2000 Lincoln Town Car Limo; Unknown Manufacturer 1997 Ford Mustang Mach III; Unknown Manufacturer 1997 Dodge Intrepid


Here are some of my 1/43 from left to right:
Hot Wheels Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Roadster and Ferrari 456GT; AutoArt 1998 Land Rover Range Rover 4.6HSE; AutoArt 1998 Jaguar XJR; Minichamps 2002 Volvo V70; Minichamps 2004 Volvo S60R 1 of 1,632 pieces.


Here are my only 1/87 scale cars:

Please refer to our Help & Guidelines section regarding image dimensions, file size, and banner size. Thank you.

Getter 3 :cheers

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Then my project car Pt 1:

My 1st project Pt. 2:
UPDATE: My first project cars are finally done.

After having trouble in deciding what I really wanted to do with my project S500, whether to build and mold the parts myself, I just bought a Playerz S55 AMG to make things easier. With a crap load of swapping and after a good headache from the lights I finally got them done. The verdict: a Playerz S500 and a regular S55 AMG with the help of the SL55 AMG Saftey car for rims.


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If you want any closeups just ask.

Here's my new project, that I will be starting tomorrow when I pick up my new airbrush. I hope it all turns out well since this will be my first time with an airbrush etc.

But, I am going to take a Maisto Jaguar X-Type 3.0 and just change the color to an anthracite type metallic grey, near to a metallic black. On top of that I might change the grille from chrome to a polished dark metal, or to the color of the body like seen here:

Question for all of yas, should I keep it chrome or should I darken all the chrome parts or darken just the grille? etc Opinion would be appreciated. Thanks!

I hope It will come out somewhat like this, minus the body work which will be too hard for me since this will be one of my first; but I may consider the body work, once I see if I am capable of doing it.

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You do good work Chinny.

I'd darken all the bits myself. I like a de-chromed car..... :nicejob

Good collection as well.



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Welcome Chinny!

That's a fantastic collection of cars you got there, which one's your favourite??

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Welcome aboard Chinny.

The dark grey on the Jag will turn it into one mean machine. Get rid of the chrome. Get all those chromed parts painted to give it a racier look. :cheers Good luck with the other mods too. All that skirting will look great on this car.

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Very nice collection. As for the Jag, I'd vote to darken the whole thing too- gives it a more stealth look.

Also- did you do the lights on the S500 yourself? Can you give some more info if you get a chance? Thanks!

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Here's some update of my progress:

Stripping the paint off; this seriously scared me at first because I've never seen it before and I also got burned alot from the stripper....that stuff hurts!

Just about to sand:

And after a few coats of primer


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:welcome to DX chinny,
very impressive work :nicejob
i will look forward to see the Jag when complete :cheers
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