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my custom car collection..... so far!

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1937 Lincoln Zephyr. DuPont Firedance paint. Changes from green-gold thru gold to red and purple tones.

Lincoln again.Cut hood open and managed to get hinge working finally. Installed big block chev ex 69 camaro.

1941 Willys Coupe. Dechromed, dropped, rear wheels tubbed. Fluro pink paint.

Back end of Willys.

1969 camaro. Blown Bburago chev ex a 34 Ford coupe. Wheels from a 1:24 Ford Explorer. Old engine from this car went into Lincoln Zephyr.

Chevy Nova drag car. Added graphics on the side and paint detailing.

Another 41 Willys. Built 60's style. I added a roll cage and repainted in green flake with decals and signwriting.

Same model......different attitudes!

EDIT: I'm very sorry to edit your post, but please read this notice. Kindly keep picture dimensions within 640 x 480 pixels and with a maximum file size of not more than 60 KB. Thanks for your cooperation!
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Some very fine work Graham! :cheers
:welcome I can see you put in a lot of excellent work on those models! I really like the the green paint job on the Willys!
Nice work, Graham!
Hey! I recognise that Lincoln!!!!

About time you got on this board Graham :danbana

Graham is in the same model club as me and he does some great hod rods.
Here are some reposted picts of his display at our last model show:

Catch up with you at the AGM!


Peter (AKA Chopper)

PS Graham, if you want I can show you how to make your pictures smaller.
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:coolpics nice work I love the green Willy's but they all are nice :yahoo
That Lincoln looks fantastic. All the models show great skill. :nicejob

:welcome graham !!!
:welcome Nice work.Hope to see many more. :coolpics
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