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My first Aa Corvette C5-R

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This baby was delivered an hour ago - my first model of the year and my first Corvette C5-R. I'm really impressed with the work that AUTOart did on this one.

(768 x 576, 238K)

Hopefully when I get some free time, I'll write a review on this model. :cheers
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Congrats on the C5R, any plans on adding others? :cheers
It would be great if AUTOart made a Street version of these
Congrats, man! :cheers That one is real looker!
nice one Darren :cheers
WTG Darren. That's a great way to start the C5R collection. As you add many more :lol , you'll see how much re-tooling went into this one by AUTOart. It wasn't just a different colour on an old mould. The engine and interior are vastly changed and alot of other fine details.

A great piece and congrats! :cheers
Congrats Darren on the first model of 2005. You sure picked yourself a fine car to start the year off with. After I had seen ACTION's version of this car, I am very glad AUTOart did eventually release their rendition of it. It is so much better in finish and details! When you have a chance to take a break from your schoolwork, I hope you can write up a review of this. I'd try to review it myself but I just don't have the same 'gift' that you do in writing them up. :cheers
First model of the year? Man... Talk about self control. :nicejob I need to learn how to do that. :happy

Congrats on such a beautiful piece. AUTOart sure did a great job with this one. Instead of just another paintjob, they went the extra mile. :nicejob :cheers
Congrats Darren :cheers
Great choice for your year's first purchase, Darren.
Thanks, guys. :cheers
To answer your question, Darrick, I'm definitely thinking about adding more C5-Rs to my collection now. I'm pretty fond of the C5-R that won the GTS class at the Texas race in the ALMS back in 2000.
Souky, it wasn't really mental discipline that put me off buying a model for so long, it was a matter of practicality. :giggle I couldn't spend much on diecasts because I'm paying off a laptop that I bought recently (Toshiba Satellite Pro A60) to help with my schoolwork. After my last payment (next month), my diecast spending will go back to normal. :giggle
Nice One Darren.

If I collected racers, I would go mad for these C5-Rs. I wish AUTOart would release some non-liveried versions, kind of like Minichamps have done with the M3 GTRs.

Can't wait to see what you next get but if this Cheve is anything to go by, it will most likly be great.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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