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Hi guys!
I've ordered my second red UT Ford Escort Cozzie for a great price. What I'm going to do now is to customize one of them.
Here's an indication of what I'm going to do (PS job):



This is about an indication of what I'm going to do. I don't think the headlights are going to be like that because I found a way to improve them without those ricey paint patterns on them.
I'll be posting more soon!

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Blast... I thought the deadline was November 1... :eek:hmy
Can I still submit it for next year's custom MOTY? :wink
O yeah, you can move this topic to the custom section in that case if you want.

What I'm going to do about this model:
-Different rims, from Peugeot 206 WRC, Solido
-Paint black
-Change headlights (I couldn't remove the paint on the backside of the headlights so I think I'm going to make it like this anyway - unless you guys have some suggestions for them...)
-Bigger exhaust
-Ford logos in front and rear removed, FORD lettering on the hood and above licence plate holders instead.
-Rear lights painted clear dark red
-Red interior details
-Tinted rear windows
-Maybe some detailing in the engine

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Thanks for the comments guys! I think i'm going to schratch build the headlight clear covers, as the originals don't look good at all :tempted

No problem Darrick, now I have more time to finish it :lol I'll just submit it for next year's CMOTY :badidea

Hey Bart

You wont believe this till you see it but Im modifiying 1 of these atm too!! How flukey is that?

Ive taken the rear wing off it and filled in the front turn signals (because I lost 1)

Ive lowered it and put on big drag wheels at the back and what are meant to be front runners at the front (they are a bit wide to be front runners but they will serve purpose for this application).

With the headlights you could try dipping the headlights in a very weak caustic solution and scrubbing the paint to get it off... then cover the back of the lights with meatl foil and paint the front in clear yellow. Will look cool.



PS this is my 500th post!!!! Yippee!!

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What coïncidence :giggle
Sounds cool what you're doing, and the yellow paint thing is a VERY good idea! Thanks! :cheers
I might leave the rear wing off too, I'll have to see how it looks.
What I've done till now:
-Painted interior details red (part of the seats, door inside details, racing "outline stripe" on top of the steering wheel, "leather" shifter cover)
-Carpeting in the interior (made out of a sort of thin foam, looks very good)
-Made the turn indicators clear (got rid of the orange paint in the inside, painted an orange dot for the bulb + back side of the light silver)
-rear lights: clear red paint over it
-got rid off the Ford logo in the front of the car
-exhaust escavation in the body enlargened
-bigger exhaust

-Paint the car black
-Open the air intake between the headlights
-Remove spoiler (but I'll do it that way that I can put it on afterwards if I don't like it)
-tint rear windows
-put white Solido Pug 206 WRC wheels under it
-Paint headlights clear yellow (Thanks again Ben! :happy )

After these modifications, I hope it'll look kickass! :giggle
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