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My first "Mod"

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Not much of a mod, but you have to start somewhere.

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:coolpics Looks good...much better with the right markings..
That's really good work Richard! Now you're tempting me to put Marlboro stickers on my son's F1 Ferrari. :tempted (Since he's already got a huge F1 calendar with Ferraris sporting Marlboro stickers, I'm not concerned about the decal mod.
You did it!!! :danbana

I thought I'd never see someone attempt the "impossible" :giggle

That looks waaaaaaaaay better! :tongue
Looks good, RM! :cheers

Got a light? :giggle
looks good :cool
Very nice Richard, congrats! :nicejob
If I had easy access as you have to good decals, I would be "moding" a lot more.
Nice, I need to do mine :cheers
Yep, Patto's.

Luciano, he's in Australia and mails anywhere - I got mine (and the Rothman's on a separate occasion) in less than a week. Don't have to worry about duties or anything like that.

I'm in the midst of doing my 956 so I should have pics up by the weekend - I'm doing a little "tutorial".

Thanks for the comments - it's nice how such a small change can make a huge difference. Now, to source some for a few bikes...
Nice Mod Richard, I think it looks alot better.

Question - Should they have been on already? Or has it something to do with banning the advertising of smoking?

Richard, you made a good looking car look better. Those blank spaces do take away the look of the car. Filling them up just gives the livery a look of completeness.

Ali these models are still considered as toys, even though you pay serious money for them. So no cigarette brands allowed.
That looks much better, I have to say. I'm tempted to do it to both my Lancers... anyone knows if they have 555 decals for the Scoobies?
Deffinate improvement there. Nice job
Have one of these and I am going to give it go!! Good job :giggle

very good i i dont now want a cigie

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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