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My first project

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After viewing all these great mods by different people, I decided to join the party. This is my first project ever so I'm a little excited about this. I hope it looks good in the end. (If not, then there are plenty of these cars I can get at my store)...

Original Hot Wheels Focus

Plans to include:
removing the decals

painting the interior

painting the wheels? (If you have any ideas on the color)

painting the engine?

painting the exhaust

The time of start will be this weekend when I get the rest of the supplies.

More pics here
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Sounds interesting SH :danbanna

Can't wait to see the finished product :cheers Have fun :happy
good work mate i have 1 sugestion don't use nail polish remover on the bonnet i did after testing it under the bonnet and it will peal not only the decails off but some black paint and leave some unwanted white swearl marks on it also take care if u going to take out the roll cage b4 u paint it as there is fine bit of plastic on the top of the rollcage it will snap if you jar it hard
Keep us informed!!

and how about black wheels???!!!! black hood, black spoiler and black wheels - nice combo in my opinion...
Hi Rickey!
Good luck on your project! :cheers
I did some of the same things on mine although I didn't take it apart to do the interior.
I used Non-Acetone NPR to remove the graphics.
If you take your time and only do a little bit, wiping it down whith a wet towel in between applications, it will come out just fine.
After you are finished, go over it with a mild polishing compound and it will look like it was made that way.
Here is mine...

I also did the yellow one but I left some of the graphics on.
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Sounds like it's going to lok :cool1!

Those look great Jeff! Nice work! :nicejob :nicejob
sounds like a fairly simple but cool mod, good for a beginner :cheers

are you going to remove all decals??

how about a bit of engine detailing if the hood opens???
UPDATE sorta late...

So far I've done the interior. The floor has been painted aluminum and the seats and other parts are now blue. The roll cage will be done also.

*Sorry I don't have an original pic, but just imagine it all black*

Right now I'm on the wheels. It will also be blue compared to the original (I don't know what the hell that color was). The problem now is removing the front wheels. It seems really difficult.

More updates soon.
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Looking good!
The blue will really help dress up the interior :cheers
Looks nice SH :danbanna well done :nicejob

Show us more when ready :happy
Congrats on taking the plunge :cheers

Wanting to see the final product, keep us posted :cheers
Good luck with the project SH, the interior looks very good. Remember, Hot Wheels screws their wheels on so don't try to pry them off, look for a screw. :cheers
lookin great so far :cheers
:iagree I'm really looking forward to the end result.
As RW said, a bit of work on the engine could really make a big difference to the whole model on top of your mods.
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