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Here ae the Ixo Ferrari F40LM's that were given to me by my father as a Well-done present for my Job promotion.

Heres the first

Ferrari F40LM (Totip)
Driven by : Anders Olofsson (S)/Sandro Angelastri (CH)/Luciano Della Noce (I)
Qualified: 14th (3rd in LM-GT1)
Result : DNF (Electrics/51 laps)

1994 was only the second year Ferrari's had entered Le Mans in recent times, almost a decade's absence having robbed race goers of the chance to see one of motorings greatest marques compete in this, the most important sports car race in the world. BPR regulars Luciano della Noce and Anders Olofsson were joined in Chassis No.90001 by Sandro Angelastri, their GTE getting a special Michelotto engine with bigger turbos for the event.
There were also suspension improvements for better balance and some subtle aero mods too. A variety of electronic glitches during qualifying couldn't stop 90001 posting the fastest time for a bona fide GT, only Jochen Dauer's controversial road-going Porsche 962 outpacing the Ferrari. Beginning the race from 14th overall, a frantic start saw the F40 spin worryingly at the Porsche curves before eventually settling down to a good pace.

Picking up positions here and there throughout the afternoon, 90001 was ninth after four hours racing but a turbo fire just before 8pm forced the Totip-liveried car to stop down the Mulsanne Straight. Having limped back to the pits, it officially retired around midnight after fruitless remedial work.


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Ferrari F40LM (Pilot Aldix)
Driven by : Michel Ferté (F)/Olivier Thévenin (F)/Carlos Palau (E)
Qualified: 7th (2nd in GT1)
Result : 12th (28 Laps behing the winner)

Turning up at la Sarthe wearing the familiar Pilot Aldix livery, chassis no. 74045 was driven by experienced F40 pedaller Michel Ferte, his regular team-mate Olivier Thevenin and Carlos Palau. It had been completely rebuilt after sustaining accident damage at Montlhery 1000KM, the team using a special reinforced gearbox for Le Mans.
Along with the F40 GTE's of Ferrari Club Italia, the Ferrari's dominated GT1 qualifying by taking the top three positions in category (6th, 7th and 8th overall), the two FCI entries being split by Ferte who started seventh. Come Saturday afternoon and three hours into the race, 74045 was surprisingly still running.
More than that, it was 12th overall, just three laps adrift of the lead works-backed McLaren.
Gradually gaining positions here and there, the RFR drivers eventually climbed as high as eighth by 6am on Sunday morning and there they stayed until just after 11:30 when Ferte took a trip into the gravel at the second chicane on the mulsanne straight. Although he was able to continue after being pulled out, 74045 dropped four positions. Thereafter running reliably through until three o'clock on Sunday afternoon, RFR had seemingly achieved the impossible with their ageing F40 and completed the entire 24 hour race. They finished the race 12th overall and sixth in the very competitive GT1 class - Ferrari's first Le Mans finish in many years.


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Thanks for posting the historical anecdotes and the photos too. :cheers There are a few other F40 LM cars I'd love to have. Trouble is, they are made....by BBR. And you know they'll cost and arm and 5 legs. :help <- wallet.

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:iagree $200 for a 1:43 is a massive con, no matter how well detailed and made they maybe.

I may just pay $200 for there 1:18 Enzo (Even though that Enzo is a great model, i still am only considering purchasing it), but for the same money as there 1:43's, you could have 4-5 AUTOart's.

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Those are great shot and cars!
I have the Totip and the Pilot car is coming soon.

IXO did a pretty decent job although there is a couple of problems with the car. The rear spoiler was a real disappointment as it should be one with the body. And the wheel are too small.
Other than those two point I am very pleased with the model.
As for comparing it to a BBR, you can't.

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they already have 2 out??

well it's about time that Red Line brings out theirs so that i can decide on how many RL's i need to buy :giggle

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:whyclick I was fearing looking at these pics. Now Ive seen the pics I need these models :help:

The race car collection will not contain just 2 anymore :scared

Congrats on your promotion :cheers
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