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my engine!!!! :feedback

like that you see here i expanded axis wheels hind

allow seen from the angle thisx and the exsust and you the coloration the amazing .

map allow seen the all the things that put inside :

EDIT: I'm very sorry to edit your post, but please read this notice. Kindly keep picture dimensions within 640 x 480 pixels and with a maximum file size of not more than 55 KB. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Don't be upset or anything, but the rx7 looked just fine before you customed it. The blue colour looks fine on the outside, but you should have painted the interior in some other colour or just leave it as it has been before in my humble opinion.
Anyhow, nice hussle there. :cool

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Hello SUPRA-I,

I agree with Merc. The exterior colour is nice, but the dashboard would have looked better left as black plastic.
You've chosen some nice rims for the car. They look very cool.

Please post the pics of any future projects that do.

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