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Mockingbird added those himself.

Congrats on the model! It's another amazing model! It'll look great with your bug-eye impreza :giggle

I like the stickers/decals, but are they stickers, or decals? I have problem with stickers, with the sticky residue left behind. I've had enough of AUTOart's, UT's old releases with the stupid stickers holding the hoods!! ARGH!

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those are stickers....
got them whne i was in Japan, they're suppose to be for the TOMY Aero R/C cars (which i also bought..hehehe.. they were cheap!)

the sticker set has some nice Japanese Tuner Brand names on them,

i thot they wld be pretty cool on the Japanese diecast cars..heh
i also added some stickers to my BugEye WRX, very minimal though. don't wanna go overboard with the stickers
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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