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My mods

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Ok, so I started tinkering around with modding my models and I am finally pleased enough to take pictures. So here they are.

Here is the Enzo. Simply detailed.

I added carpeting and windows. Windows are so easy in an Enzo, just use and soda bottle and cut it out the shape of the window. It's a nice fit too because the sills dip in and it makes keeping the window in even easier. Plus it's already rounded to the car's natural curve. I also painted it the way it appears in the car. No engine mods done...yet. Looks a hell of a lot better. Now I need to do something about the rims (any suggestions? I was thinking "chrome" look. Or maybe a different set in black)

The 360. Same deal as the Enzo only I painted the brake calipers, the rear to look like a Stradale, and didn't get to windows yet.


Next is my favorite, the headlights on the Maisto Mustangs. Simply painting them black REALLY helps a lot! You'd never notice it until you see a comparision.


This is the Mustang I have in progress...I've had it like this for a year and I have NO idea what to do with it. I can't decided on a body mod cause Autoart already made a Mach 1. What to do with it now?


This is the Focus pickup.

I hope the end result is this:
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:welcome to the forum, Pastadude! :cheers You'll love it here! :cheers

Great models, man! I like the idea with the Focus pickup. Good luck with that. :cheers

I guess you could make your Mustang into a Saleen. :confused
To tell you the truth, I don't know the first thing about customizing models, but I can tell you where to look. eBay is probably a good source for sticker kits - I'm sure you can find the Saleen banner for the windshield there. :cheers Also, there's a section on this board that'll help out a lot. We've got a lot of talented people here. :cheers

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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