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First the GT3 RS. It seems to be exactly like the regular version from pics I have seen on line. Notable features I see are small details like the RS in the wheel caps, and GT3 on the emergency brake handle. Its a very nice car by all means.


Next is the Turbo S. I am much happier with this car then I expected to be. The color is Metallic and not in direct light looks black. However in light you can see green in the paint, which is evident in the flash of the pictures.


Now at first glance you will say to yourself this is just a rebadged AUTOart 996 Turbo. However with a further look you start to see more. The first is the Porsche Logo in the center cap of the wheel. After seeing this wheel, it make the Turbo's wheel like cheap.


Other obvious is the green stripe across the windshield of the Turbo S. Other small detail differences are Black Rotors with Yellow Calipers on the Turbo S. vs. Silver rotos and Red calipers on the Turbo. My Red Turbo has seat belts, but not the connector on the other side of the seat, which the Turbo S does have in the front and rear seats. Where the seat controls would be on the side of the front seats, the Turbo just has a black area, where the Turbo S has controls there. The emergency brake handel looks pulled upward in the Turbo, and looks in the lowered position on the Turbo S. The rear Seat Belts on the Turbo go behind the back seats, where they go over the rear seat backs on the Turbo S, making them more noticable. The engines are the same, however the Turbo S has a more shiny look to it.

All in all I have to say, I LOVE the Turbo S color, and with its subtle detail changes, it kinda makes the original Turbo to be much less of a replica. However I do realise this Turbo S is a much newer car, and the company has more advances since the Turbo came out.


Hope everone enjoys this!

Congrats on the new additions.

I have the the Turbo S in the same color. Really a sharp looking piece :nicejob

Hasn't it been announced that AUTOart is going to be releasing the Turbo S in white? If so, I will likely replace the black one. Not sure if this color is going to be dealer edition or regular edition.

Looking at the GT3 RS, what are the differences between the Dealer and Regular editions.

The regular GT3 RS has the RS logo on the wheels and 'GT3' on the handbrake.

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Congrats Tim! :cheers

All nice models.

I have the Turbo S as well, and the only thing that I don't like are those painted dots on the brake discs to simulate drilling :( But otherwise, a very nice model.

I think AUTOart is set to release this soon as a normal release, probably with side windows?
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