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nice car and pics :cheers

looks like AUTOart put a lot of work into this one, engine an interior detail doesn't dissappoint :cheers

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Is AutoArt's 22B really that rare?
I picked mine up from my local after it had been sitting in a shop window for ages and ages as a display car. It was covered in dust, and no-one had appeared to show any desire in buying it, so I asked to buy it. He cleaned it for me, put it back in its box, placed the dtraps back on it, and no one would ever have known. As it was an ex-display model, my model shop gave it to me for Australian $70!!!! (is that approx. US$40-50?) The car is perfect condition.

At the moment it just sits in a pile of other 1:18 in its box waiting one day to be set free into a display case...

Nadav, great pics you have taken there. I think it is a nice model, and you have brough that out perfectly! :nicejob
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