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need ALL your help, once again, w/ WHEEL SWAPPIN!

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okay, so i got some models that are ready for wheel swappin: i got a '03 911 turbo from maisto and a '96 996 cabriolet, and lastly a 95 UT f355. i went to my local hobby shop and saw some 1:24 dub city models with some nice rims...however, they look WAY too small. what are you using to do wheel swaps for 1:18 scales? PLEASE give me some advice...what brand...size? will 1:24 work? they look way too small, and obviously the 1:18 dub city truck wheels are way too big. the import racer rims are nice, but they are too thin. please...tell me what you guys are using so i can get them up and started. plus, any suggestions as to how to remove maisto wheels? some of the wheels off the UT fell off by chance, so i got that one easy...but the fronts are still on. need all you masters to help me out!!! thanks alot, john.
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THe 1/24 "dub city" replacement wheels come out to about 18-19" wheels in 1/18. They are thin , but you can use some of the thicker tires off of a Burago or Maisto(etc) to make it look better.
thanks alot scott! will try...nice cars btw, what rims will give a 20 inch or bigger??? what should i use for a maisto h2 hummer?! for trucks in general?! you've been alot of help...
For an H2 , you might as well use the 1/18 wheels . The 1/24 wheels would look too small on it. Theres a couple on Ebay that might give you an idea of what it'll look like -


thanks scott; i'm going to try it all later today! what about the import racer rims? too big? i still want the cars to look to scale with the rims and not humongous...
Ditto! I agree with Scott; take the 1/24 Dub wheels, and try tires off another 1/18 car on the 1/24 rims; they usually can be made to fit pretty well. Also try taking wheels off 1/18 scale cars that you would like to put on another 1/18 car. Play around with it. For example, I took 1/18 Maisto Corvette Z06 wheels/tires and put them on a lowered 1/18 Ertl Camaro, and the car looks great. Good luck.
thanks for the input rob...this forum is frickin great...
1/24th Dub city Truck wheels shold look better than the 1/24th car wheels. If you by the kits you get two sets of wheels, so you can have one for the truck on one set for your car.
Try this link to collectablediecast.com for wheels. They have 1/18th "dub" style wheels. They are smaller than DUB CITY wheels, but about 20".

thanks nocky; are the 1/24 truck wheels bigger in scale than the 1/24 car wheels? i've been applying to pharmacy school, so my account is drained. i need to get some rims fast because i have three cars i want to try this whole thing with. HERE"S A QUESTION: with a 1:18 scale car, i know the 1/24 scale DC trucks/ cars come with a rear axle, but isnt the axle too short to fit thru the back chassis? do i have to do some mods of my own to get the rear wheels on? please help me if you can, and what about the front? is there any different way i can get the front ones on besides the great methods shown to me on the tutorials? please let me know...i'm still not in the know with the wheels. believe me...i do not need to mess up cars...!!!!
I had done one such swap with my UT ford escort cosworth.
The cossie with the original wheels.

With maisto wheels, the brake discs have gone AWOL.

I had tried this stunt a month ago. I didnt quite fancy the stock wheels of the ford. So wanted to change them with the snazzy looking chrome wheels of a maisto slk i got in spare with a kit.
The rear wheels of the ut were connected together with a steel rod which was jammed in the inner part of the wheels. The maisto wheels ofcourse have a totally different assembly. I had to get a 2.5 mm thick mild steel rod and cut it to size, super glue it to the centre of the wheels and then fill the gap around the rod with a sealant putty. Phew! i kicked myself that day for wanting to change the wheels. :badidea
The spindle of the front wheel broke off while trying to separate the brake discs from the wheel. I have just glued the wheels to the front assembly now.
The only saving grace was that the UT tires were a perfect match to the maisto wheels and the rear wheels do rotate.
Hope this horror story does not put u off. They are many guys here who have pulled off such mods successfully. But you do need a lot of patience and perseverance to get it right.
Some things are best left as they are, especially when they are as rare as 355s.
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A semi-helpful guide to choosing the right wheel sizes. The link at the very bottom sends you to my tutorial on actually attaching the rims.
Wheel swaps........... some are easy some are hard. Maisto/Bburagos are usually easy to change, other brands vary from easy to dam near impossible (at least if trying not to break anything!). It also depends on how you want the final product to appear. Do you want the wheels to roll? Do you want to lower/lift the suspension? If youdon't want the wheels to roll, then just glus them on! Personally I prefer to have mine roll. I have had to drill out the holes inthe wheels to make them wider (to fit on larger spindles), Or I have fitted in tubing to make the wheel holes smaller (to fit onton smaller spindles). As for the UT axles, you should be able to find a longer tube suitible for the purpose from a model shop or even from toys or something. You will be suprised where you can find some things!
At the end of the day you just have to look at what you have got (wheels, axles spindles etc) and try different things until you find a solution that works!


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YES the 1/24th scale truck wheel are BIGGER!
lucky you are not wheel swappin a Hot Wheels brand.
thanks for all the feedback. i just got some of the rims off ebay from collectible diecast. just waiting for them to come home. should be today. i'm expecting to try something by tomorrow because i have all the time in the world on sunday. i hope all goes well with the mod. john
I have these wheel at home and there are very nice and as stated above
they are about the 1/18 scale equivilent to 20" wheels. they are worth the
money!! they come with chrome disk brakes and axles. I've used them on
a few Anson Cadillacs and an Anson BMW X5 and they look great. Sorry
on pics yet!!! I hope this helps!!
it helps a great deal! i cant believe i still get help! this is a great forum. i'm actually getting them today (Thot they were shipped on friday). any tips on how to get maisto wheels off a 911 turbo by maisto without breaking anything?? thanks a lot..john
just got the rims...really worth the 16 bucks i spent, but i think they're a little too big for coupes! they seem bigger tha 20"s. i really have to find a way to get these on. the UT looks like its going to be a real project...not sure about the 911 by maisto. maybe easier. i'll let you know how they all go. does anyone have any suggestions with these wheels? or should i work with them like how gafotes does? john
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