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I had done one such swap with my UT ford escort cosworth.
The cossie with the original wheels.

With maisto wheels, the brake discs have gone AWOL.

I had tried this stunt a month ago. I didnt quite fancy the stock wheels of the ford. So wanted to change them with the snazzy looking chrome wheels of a maisto slk i got in spare with a kit.
The rear wheels of the ut were connected together with a steel rod which was jammed in the inner part of the wheels. The maisto wheels ofcourse have a totally different assembly. I had to get a 2.5 mm thick mild steel rod and cut it to size, super glue it to the centre of the wheels and then fill the gap around the rod with a sealant putty. Phew! i kicked myself that day for wanting to change the wheels. :badidea
The spindle of the front wheel broke off while trying to separate the brake discs from the wheel. I have just glued the wheels to the front assembly now.
The only saving grace was that the UT tires were a perfect match to the maisto wheels and the rear wheels do rotate.
Hope this horror story does not put u off. They are many guys here who have pulled off such mods successfully. But you do need a lot of patience and perseverance to get it right.
Some things are best left as they are, especially when they are as rare as 355s.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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