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I have 2 Maisto 1:18 Lamborghini Gallardo, one is yellow with black interior and the other one is black with gray interior. I wanted to transfer the black interior from the yellow car to the black car, but I came across with a problem: how to take off the door panels without breaking anything? And the ceiling, how to take it off?

PS - I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong section!

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You need to take the car apart first. The doors are easy. Slip a small flat bladed screwdriver in the gap between the hinge & door panel . Slowly pry up . Once you get it up a bit, use a larger flatbladed screwdriver & pry it off(you might be able to use the larger one to start off with). It should come off fairly easy , they aren't glued in . As for the top, you can either paint it , ot use a Dremel and drill out the rivets. You just need to drill of the heads of the rivets(enough to get the plastic off). If you need pics, let me know.

To take the car apart , there is one screw near the front suspension and 1 in the rear. To access the rear screw, you need to take the rear suspension off. It will be "inside" the transmission.
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