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Need oppinion on Ferrari 250 GTO

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Is the Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 250 GTO worth 10$? I'm thinking about buying it, will it shame my collection? How is the model? Is the white version rare?

What about the Bburago Ferrari 250 LM?
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The Bburago 250 GTO is a pretty bare-bones model. I think it's worth $10, but don't expect alot of detail. The engine is very basic, the tires and wheels are the same size, front and back, and the knock-offs have the usual Bburago hole in the center. The headlights are not too good either. . .
While I was taking pics today of my Bburago 250 GTO and the Guiloy GTO '64 together, they looked about the same size. . . I don't know whether they are true to scale or not. . .
I don't have the 250LM J-San, but you can expect it, quality and detail-wise to be comparable to the 250 GTO. It will have the same wheels and tires as the GTO, ect. . .
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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