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I've seen people pose some Love Hina figures with their model cars here and i just can't seem to find them here in Sweden. Like those stewardess's i've seen. I was wondering if there's any kind soul out there who could help me out acquiring a few for me and send them to my sister in LA - who'll then send them to me in Sweden?

They'll have to be close to 1:18 scale.

Thanks in advance,

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Just do a search online under "Love Hina gashapon" and you'll see all sorts of Love Hina figurine sets. "Gashapons" are basically capsule toys/miniature figurines like the one Gary posted with his Toyota Crown: CLICK.

There are many other sexy girl gashapon sets aside from Love Hina as well. I have a DOA beach volleyball set and will take some pics with 1/18s to show you tonight.

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Thank you guys, but i already have some of those fast women and to be frank - they suck. They brake easely and are just poorly put together.

I want those stewardess's Louis has in his reviews! :confused


Thanks Getter 3, i would appreciate that :cheers

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I have NO problem with paying that amount of money or more for a set like that. If anyone could help me find one, i'd be glad to pay you for the effort :cheers Really.

Thanks again Getter 3.


I found this, but i have no idea how to purchase it. Any one in France who could help me out?

Hate e-bay, so if anyone could help me out with acquiring that set and sending it either to my sis in LA or me in Sweden - let me know. I'd be forever grateful :help:

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Sadly, the only place that had the ANA set was selling it for 190CAD :( I don't think I'm ready to pay that kind of money :cry

You can try HLJ, but problem is, the popular figures all sell out quickly, and you don't know the approximate sizes of the figures until they're released... :help
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